• Activate Link's House Weather Vane and save
  • Go to Blacksmith
  • Activate Kakariko's Weather Vane
  • Go to Death Mountain entrance, perform Toucan Jump.
  • Activate Death Mountain's Weather Vane (Get 10 rupees in between)
  • Deathwarp
  • Rent Tornado Rod first, then Bow (10 rupees total)
  • Go talk to the castle guard
  • Sanctuary (Get 20 rupees under a tomb, 20 rupees in chest and 2x 5 rupees on the floor)
  • Rent Hammer after getting Ravio's bracelet (50 rupees)
  • Use Hammer to get 5 red rupees behind the pegs on the way to Eastern Palace (100 rupees total)
  • Eastern Palace (Get 8 rupees in rolling balls room and 44 rupees in fairy room south of the room in 1F with the small key, 152 rupees total)
  • Eastern Palace escape (Get HC and 217 rupees from chests, floor and walls, 369 rupees total)
  • Rent Bombs (319 rupees total)
  • Get Irene's Bell (bridge east of Link's House)
  • Activate Witch's House Weather Vane
  • Shady Guy cutscene near Zora cave
  • Warp to Kakariko, buy Smooth Gem (200 rupees), get 100 rupee chest in house, get Pegasus Boots (219 rupees total)
  • Warp to Witch's House, get Flippers (with Fish Skip)
  • You need 250 rupees by after Master Sword, get the rupees in the water if you think you need them, knowing that you can usually pick up 10-15 rupees in the Death Mountain caves
  • Warp to Link's House
  • House of Gales
  • Warp to Death Mountain, Tower of Hera
  • Warp to Kakariko
  • Master Sword
  • Warp to Link's House
  • Rent Fire Rod, Hookshot, Ice Rod, get Quick Equip (0 rupees)
  • Hyrule Castle



You can switch the order of Ice Ruins and Skull Woods, but the rest of the dungeons must be done in the same order.

For Desert Palace skip, you may either perform the Portal Clip method, which loses about a minute to the fastest method, the fire rod boost method, which loses about 30 seconds, or the full desert skip, which is the fastest but hardest method.

Tutorial Videos (10/20/14)

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Hyrule Tutorial

Lorule Tutorial

Most Recent Update

July 4, 2016

  • Finally updated the rupee route (early hammer to get reds near Eastern) and Lorule dungeon order (Dark Turtle Swamp Desert Ice Skull Thieves) to match best known optimal route.
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