The optimal route uses Toon Link and Smash Link amiibo. The route option without amiibo is roughly 40 seconds slower than the Amiibo one and relies on a banana drop right after entering Hyrule Castle.If no banana drops chances are high that the strength potion will only be LVL2, making the Ganon fights slower.
Note that the fastest version for this category is WiiU digital german.


  • Intro cutscene (skip the cutscene on "open your eyes")
  • Leave shrine of resurrection
  • Crouch jump towards the trees in front of you and grab 2 (1 without amiibo) Bladed Rhino Beetles for cooking later
  • Run down hill using sprint and Whistle Sprinting
  • Run past old man and grab the axe
  • Keep running down until the Zelda cutscene
  • Progress to the tower marked on the map (pick up Hyrule Herb and the arrows on the way)
  • Hit the Bokoblin right in front of the cave until it drops the shield, pick it up
  • Activate tower
  • Jump off the tower right in front and use Fall Damage Prevention to survive
  • King cutscene
  • Head to Ja Baij Shrine south east of tower (evade guardians by climbing the wall)
  • Ja Baij Shrine
  • King cutscene II
  • Warp to Great Plateau Tower
  • Jump off the tower north and use Fall Damage Prevention to survive
  • Jump toward the water and use a Shield Jump to get as much distance as possible without swimming
  • Run up to Oman Au Shrine
  • Oman Au Shrine
  • Amiibo only: Use Toon Link amiibo and grab 2 attack boost fish (Mighty porgy or mighty carp) (RNG)
  • Warp back to shrine of resurrection
  • Leave the shrine heading left, grab the mushrooms
  • Whistle sprint up the mountain on the small ledge
  • Shieldsurf down the hillside and shieldsurf jump across the broken bridge
  • Climb straight up the mountain to Keh Namut (use Whistle Sprinting uphill to get up on the left side)
  • Keh Namut Shrine
  • Shield surf down the hillside
  • Sprint, shieldsurf and climb around the left side of the mountain towards Owa Daim Shrine (eat mushrooms to survive)
  • Get above the shrine and jump down (Fall Damage Prevention)
  • Owa Daim Shrine
  • King cutscene III
  • Boulder Launch to Temple of Time
  • Climb the tower and the roof
  • King cutscene IV (skip all of it)
  • Paraglider
  • Grab soldier's bow from chest
  • Jump out straight and paraglide towards the boulder
  • Land around the bushes and pick up the two Hyrule Herbs
  • Stasis Launch to Hyrule Field

Hyrule Field

  • Travel as far as possible with the paraglider and spawn epona with Amiibo (or paraglide onto one of the horses a bit earlier and tame it)
  • Head northeast through the trees straight towards Hyrule Castle (use Infinite Horse Sprinting)
  • Enter Castle town ruins through the path between the small hill and get in the center
  • Grab the Knight's sword and knight's shield right in front of the statue on Hyrule Castle Central Square
  • Ride to the main entrance gates of Hyrule Castle
  • Hyrule Castle cutscene

Hyrule Castle

  • Open the door with Magnesis, ride up the entrance ramp (evade guardian beam)
  • Enter the castle, use Cryonis to get past the gate
  • Use arrows to distract the lizalfos, then sneak attack and kill it
  • Get boomerang, shield and monster loot
  • Throw a bomb down the stairs towards the broken wall
  • Set an arrow on fire using the torch next to the door and activate the cooking bowl
  • Use the 2 fish, 2 sword bugs and a monster loot part to make an attack boost potion
  • Blow up the broken wall with the bomb, jump down through the door (Paraglider)
  • 3 ancient arrows from chest
  • Turn around and enter the training ground
  • Jump down and paraglide towards the center of the room
  • Run past the lizalfos and jump behind the moblin
  • Sneak attack the moblin to make it drop its weapon
  • Take the moblin's weapon and the claymore on the pedestal
  • Climb up right behind the claymore to the wooden stairs
  • Grab 5 bomb arrows from right chest by destroying it
  • Drop down and go up the stairs
  • Step on the button and stasis it
  • Walk up through the archway, and climb the left side of it
  • Pass the gate, stun the miniboss with an ancient arrow
  • Get 10 bomb arrows from the chest and climb out behind the chest
  • Climb up to the level and then get up to the stone stairs
  • Evade the guardian beam and climb the stairs right next to it
  • Distract Moblin using an arrow and then sneak attack to make it drop its weapon
  • Steal the weapon and climb up next to the fireplace to get the Guard's bow from the wall
  • Turn around, climb onto the bridge, run across into Zelda's study
  • Leave through the window and climb up the building, stop halfway and walk to the other side of the tower
  • Climb up the rest of the tower
  • Paraglide over on the left side to reach the throne room

Routes merge here


  • Windblight Ganon (*)
  • Waterblight Ganon (*)
  • Fireblight Ganon (*)
  • Thunderblight Ganon (*)
  • Calamity Ganon (*)
  • Beast Ganon (*)
  • Done
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