Stasis Travel

The Stasis module allows objects to store momentum and let it out all together after the stasis effect wears off. This can be used to travel huge distances at high speeds by riding a tree trunk, boulder or similar stuff after it stored a lot of momentum.

Boulder Launch to Temple of Time

Discovered by sva16162, fast strat by Ikkitrix

After finishing the Stasis shrine you want to make your way over to Temple of Time as fast as possible.
By using the boulder right next to the shrine you can fly over and then climb up on the left side.
This can be done faster and riskier by placing the bomb while stasis is already active and after the momentum is already established. This strat saves up to 20 seconds depending on how fast and risky it is set up.
Note that in rare cases Link gets crushed by physics and dies.

Last updated 04/23/2017 – Bokoblins