Level 4 - Near the Fields

At the end of each level's descriptions of tricks, the current fastest IL of that level will be provided to showcase some of the tricks explained.

Disclaimer: Some of the routes in the videos should not be used in SS runs due to heavy luck based gem routes. So learning routes is best done off of SS runs. Also, some ILs are out of date in terms of new discoveries and routing. These will be noted below the video if a significant change has not been implemented in the route.

The Field (4-1)

Professional Malon Escort

Discovered by Yadra121

Charging the sword, while back-walking in C-Up formation lets you nullify most of the flames, unless they hit purples lower part of the hitbox.

Bow Skip

Discovered by Yadra121

By carrying an orb with a carrot inside past the barrier that cancels the horses, it is possible to kill the Gohmas without ever obtaining the bow.

Free Movement In Jewel Fight

The video below shows a setup for getting free movement after throwing the medallion. If there was some way to hit the transition tiles after this it would be possible to skip the jewel completely.

Individual Level Route

The Swamp (4-2)

Roc's Feather Skip

In the second screen of the level (the one with dark link throwing the giant bomb) it possible to do the last part without a Roc's feather. Simply throw one of you links across the purple sludge a few times to cross it. You will have to do this relatively fast to avoid dying by the bomb. Although, you cannot completely skip the Roc's feather, but there is a convenient one in the next stairwell that you will grab.

Early Lillypad Cycles

Discovered by Derek Kisman/Zmaster91/26pt2

There are two parts early cycles to catch in this screen (the one right after the canon). The first requires you to do some early jumps on the smaller lillypads to get to the big moving lillypad where the purple gem resides. It is advised to enter this screen from as high up as possible, catching the lillypad is quite precise.

After getting the 300, you then want to jump on the smaller lillypad (asap) and then immediately jump down onto land. Then you want to roll (this is usually necessary) and jump to the other moving lillypad just as it is moving away.

Note: For this last lilly pad, sometimes it is almost impossible to make the cycle if the bird goes the wrong direction when we starts going in circles. This usually ends up intercepting your roll to get to the lilly pad. Even then, sometimes the 100 above the lily pad is unreachable causing you to waste the early cycle anyway.

Zora Lillypads Skip

Discovered by Zmaster91

On the screen after the knight boss fight, it is possible to not have to wait for the lillypads to throw you across.

To do this, just stand in the right position (leaving a few pixels of grass between link and the purple goop should suffice), jump and throw the link to get the other side. The second throw isn't nearly as precise. The video below shows the good and bad positions for the throw.

Zora Lillypads Skip #2

Discovered by Zmaster91/Yadra121

Stepping on the switches can be avoided by performing a second jump after touching the swamp area again.

Pick up Blue, jump and when you are at the peak of your jump, throw him towards the swamp. Hold C-Up and control stick left+up and as the Links reunite over the swamp, press A to jump again.

Positioning seems of importance, so you might want to imitate the video.

Early Power Bracelet

Discovered by Yadra121

This works similar to the Zora Lillypads Skip #2, just press the contol stick to the right (for obvious reasons).

Positioning seems of importance, so you might want to imitate the video.

Individual Level Route

Infiltration of Hyrule Castle (4-3)

Prison Actor Glitch

Discovered by Zmaster91

During the cutscene that plays when getting caught, pressing start on the right frame during the loading of the prison, you can cause most of the actors in on the screen to disappear. Going into the intended hole in the prison seems to softlock the game for good. (still needs to be tested with GBA controller).

Individual Level Route

Last updated 08/29/2015 – Yadra121