Level 5 - The Dark World

At the end of each level's descriptions of tricks, the current fastest IL of that level will be provided to showcase some of the tricks explained.

Disclaimer: Some of the routes in the videos should not be used in SS runs due to heavy luck based gem routes. So learning routes is best done off of SS runs. Also, some ILs are out of date in terms of new discoveries and routing. These will be noted below the video if a significant change has not been implemented in the route.

Lost Woods (5-1)

Power Bracelet Skip

Discovered by Zmaster91

After getting the first key from the wizzrobes in the very bottom right screen, head up north with the key instead of using it on the room with the roc's feather and pegasus boots.
On this screen, perform a Wall-less Gap Skip, and continue to get the moon's pearl. Then do a Wall-restricted Gap Skip, and continue the level. Using this extra key we can directly go to the shovel room (after getting the lamp of course) and complete the level.

Note: The route involves going through the whole level to get enough gems, since skipping the power bracelet makes you miss out on the majority of the gems you can get. This makes the skip not save too much time overall.

Individual Level Route

Kakariko Village (5-2)

Owl Skip

Discovered by Zmaster91

The trigger for the Owl CS can by avoided by doing the following movements:

  1. Walk up next to the right trees until you stand in front of the right pillar of the gate
  2. Get into C-Left formation
  3. Roll upwards and immediately press X
  4. If Red is about one tile higher than Green, you can switch to him without triggering the CS

Early Dark Link Fight

Deathless Method

Discovered by Zmaster91

Using FMC you can pass though the fire without dying. Use the video below for the positioning, and once you FMC to the right position, simply c-right to clip the links through the fire. (Green's position as well as the position of the links during the FMC is not very precise)

With Zombie Storage

Discovered by Zmaster91

Note: This method is outdated and not recommended.

It is possible to skip the entire village and bypass the flame wall in the east using Zombie Storage:

  1. Perform a GBA OoB using the door on the house (you do not need to use any particular formation, or any formation at all while entering or exiting the door for that matter. It is more important that none of the Links are blurred [such as when using X] while entering the door).
  2. Take damage from the flame wall until you die.
  3. Reunite the Links and die from the flame wall again. A fast way to do this is, after being revived by the force fairy, hold C-right and mash X. This will activate Zombie Storage.
  4. Once you have been revived, die a third time and while you are in the dying animation, hold right on the analog stick. This should move the "zombie" Links closer to the transition to the next screen.
  5. Once you've been revived, switch between the Links until you transition to the next screen.

Without Zombie Storage

Discovered by Yadra121, Setup by Zmaster91

Note: This method is slower than doing FMC.

The same trick can be done a lot faster by only dying once using the acceleration from a C-Formation to squeeze one dying Link diagonally through the flame wall. It also does not require an OoB, which makes this method very consistent:

  1. Get your health down to a quarter heart
  2. Switch to Green and charge the sword so that it is to the right of the right eye of the third tree from the right
  3. Do one hop down and two to the right
  4. Reunite with L
  5. Press X to switch to Green
  6. Press C-Up (in case all Links are stacked, if not repeat from step 4.) (the Links should not get hurt as they try to get into the C-Up formation)
  7. Walk down and press X simultaneously
  8. After the death CS, switch to Purple and do a Jump Slash to the right

Individual Level Route

Temple of Darkness (5-3)

Slingshot Skip

Discovered by Zmaster91

In the first GBA shadow area there are switches which are intended to be hit by the slingshot, given on the east side of the room. However, you can avoid grabbing it by simply hitting the two end switches with a sword slash and jump attacking the middle one.

Keyblock Skip

Discovered by Yadra121

It is possible to save the key from the Mini Boss Room and use it to access the Torch Room. By doing so, you can skip the key one would usually get in the Lamp Room.

After you entered the mini-boss room, lure the bat to your left to the middle, then move up and left, to the edge. Get in a C-Formation and charge the hammer, then reunite with L/Y and press L/Y again to call the formation menu. Press A to choose the C-Left formation. If your positioning was correct, you will hit that head thingy and can throw a Link through the passage the next time you visit the shadow area, after you obtained the small key.

Bumper Guys Skip

Discovered by Yadra121

Put the links in position as in the video. Line up red with the left wall and get close to the edge. Then hold c-right and roll (either mash or time the rolls very well). Holding up-right (between the up and up-right notch) makes the roll timing less precise.

Individual Level Run

Last updated 10/02/2015 – Yadra121