Version Differences


This page is only about version differences that matter for speedruns. Fixed typos, optical changes, minor map changes or censorship are not mentioned since they don't matter.

Link's Awakening version 1.2 is built on version 1.0 instead of version 1.1. That is why some of the glitches and bugs that were fixed in 1.1 were reintroduced in v1.2.

Which Version Do I Have?

The easiest way of determining which version you have is by looking at the front label of your cart. In the bottom-right corner is a punch-code that is used to identify version.

The x represents a random number

xx = v1.0
xxA = v1.1
xxB = v1.2

If your back label's punch-code is illegible, or you feel the cart may have been tampered with, you may try some of the version-specific glitches listed below.

Glitch List:

All glitches not mentioned work in all versions.

Screen Warp:

Works in:

  • LA v1.0
  • LA v1.2

No Fishing

Works in:

  • LA v1.0
  • LA v1.2

Genie Quick Kill

Works in:

  • LA v1.0
  • LA v1.1
  • LA v1.2

Does work, but duplicates the genie in second form:

Freeze Blocks

Works in:

  • LA v1.0
  • LA v1.1
  • LADX v1.0

Bonus Content


Exists in the LADX versions only.

Color Dungeon

Exists in the LADX versions only.

Other differences


  • In LA Bottle Grotto there was an unblocked way to the bottom right directly next to the room where you get the L1 Power Bracelet. In LADX, Nintendo put 2 more breakable pots in the way so you have to get the L1 Power Bracelet first. Since the way to the boss is blocked by another room of pots you have to pick up the L1 Bracelet anyways, so it is still not skippable.

Treasure Chests

Many dungeon treasure chest contents were mixed between LA and LADX. However, none of them is important for the warpless category since none of them contains a key or dungeon item. For 100% you should know them, anyways.

  • Level 2 (Map -> Stone Beak)
  • Level 2 (Stone Slab Fragment -> Map)
  • Level 3 (Stone Slab Fragment -> 200 Rupees)
  • Level 3 (50 Rupees -> Stone Beak)
  • Level 3 (200 Rupees -> Map)
  • Level 3 (Map -> 50 Rupees)
  • Level 5 (Map -> Stone Beak)
  • Level 5 (Stone Slab Fragment -> Map)
  • Level 6 (50 Rupees -> 200 Rupees)
  • Level 6 (50 Rupees -> Medicine)
  • Level 7 (20 Rupees -> Bomb)
  • Level 7 (100 Rupees -> Medicine)
  • Level 8 (20 Rupees -> Medicine)

All other chests that contained a Stone Slab Fragment now contain a Stone Beak.

Bomb Arrows

In LADX v1.0, the arrow can be fired up to 5 frames before the bomb is laid. In v1.2, however, the arrow must be fired after the bomb is laid.

Jumping Off Ledges

In LADX v1.0, it is possible to use the feather while jumping off of a ledge. However, this is impossible in v1.2.

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