ZSR Marathon

Schedule of Games

If you're interested in helping with the marathon be sure to join the ZSR Discord Server to get in contact with the organizers!

@ZeldaSpeedRuns @Maxx on Discord

ZeldaSpeedRuns Discord

Additional Info


  • This event will start on August 11th to the 13th, giving ample time for everyone to see multiple Zelda games. Potentially even bringing in new Zelda speedrunners into individual communities inside the ZSR community. This event will allow for any category to be displayed on stream that the runners choose, rather than the "regular" Any%. This is to add a variety so people can get experience more than just the basics of individual games.

  • Properly showcase speedrunning of the Zelda games. Marathons in the past have either only shown only a small slice of speedrunning Zelda games or shown the games without speedrunning. We want to fix that. This will be the second event where amazing runners all over the world show how Zelda Speedruns are meant to be done.


Make sure to support the event by tweeting out the marathon and spreading the word with "#ZSRM17" you may even see your tweets on stream!

August 11th-13th Watch @ZeldaSpeedRuns as they beat every Zelda game extremely fast.