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Game Runner(s) Status Summary Category Estimate
Phantom Hourglass Hornlitz Accepted Phantom Hourglass requires the use of every DS function there is, which makes for an interesting game. The speedrun has a ton of movement optimizations, and a glitch in the second half that lets us breeze through the last few dungeons Any% 03:25:00
Majora's Mask Krimtonz Accepted I am submitting Majora's Mask 100% No Source Requirement, this includes all of the exciting parts of Majora's Mask including 100% of the temples, all the masks, without any of the more boring parts, we skip beavers, bank heart piece, and various other mini games. Majora's Mask 100% No Source Requirement 04:30:00
Twilight Princess Kejsmaster Accepted Twilight Princess is a pretty popular game, featuring many glitches but also showing off a lot of the actual game. This mix between broken and not broken makes it a fairly fun speedrun to watch and execute. Since the last ZSR Marathon, there has been tons of optimizations and glitches discovered, making the game even more fast paced and exciting. The game has decent amount of RNG, making the run an interesting grind to perfection. The current record is 2:56:35 by Giradam, which is a really solid time. I currently aim for at least 2:57, which makes me a top player at this game. I've collected a lot of experience with marathons, having participated in around 7 so far, one of those being live in Berlin for ESA Germany. I finished with a time of 3:04, which is considered a good time. That's why I think i'd suit the marathon fairly well. Any% 03:05:00
Four Swords Adventures Vbspeedruns Accepted FSA Any% is a level based Zelda Speedrun that contains unique movement and glitches that come from having control of all four Links with one player. Any% 02:25:00
Ocarina of Time: 3D Arontoad99 Accepted A different take on MST from the original Ocarina of Time, Ocarina of Time 3D's rendition has a much faster-paced Adult section with significantly less overworld movement due to the help of more exploitable wrong warping. Those who have not seen a run will be blown away by the ending which completes Water Temple after Trials, only to warp directly to Ganon immediately after. MST 02:25:00
The Wand of Gamelon authorblues Accepted --- Any% 00:45:00
Ocarina of Time Txrje, Baker_zsr Accepted Ocarina of Time Any% goes through the Deku Tree using Get Item Manipulation to obtain a bottle, and uses said bottle, after an ESS heavy trip to Lost Woods, to wrong warp to Ganon's Tower. I plan to do a race with Baker, and if one of us can't come the other will do a solo run. Any% Race 00:19:30
Skyward Sword GreenUprooter Accepted Skyward Sword Any% aims to beat the game as quickly as possible, featuring the English-Exclusive Cistern clip, which skips a large portion of the Ancient Cistern. Any% 05:30:00
Twilight Princess HD Rasenurns Accepted TP had changed when it's remake was made. A lot of things were patched: EMS, map glitch, and a few other things. However, one thing was not patched, and that was the long jump attack. It's strange that Nintendo didn't patch it, but it makes TPHD different from it's predecessor. This game is based a lot on movement and execution. There's even one skip that saves minutes, and can only be done in the HD version of the game. Any% 03:55:00
Legend of Zelda JSR2gamers Accepted This is a category that hasn't been ran often in TLoZ. However it's been picking up steam. It's a friendlier, less RNG-heavy run where the runner is required to have max inventory at the end of the game minus replenishable items and rupees, as well as all heart containers and bomb upgrades. 100% No Up+A 00:38:00
Oracle of Ages Sttaner93 Accepted Called by the Triforce, Link travels to the shrine of the sacred relic. The Oracle series is the sequel to A Link to The Past. Link is beckoned by the sacred triangles, and they transport him to a world known as Labrynna, which is in dire need of a legendary hero. Using the sacred Oracle of Ages Link is able to move between Past and Present to rescue Labrynna. The Any% category is the main category for this game and provides a lot of sequence breaks, glitches, frame perfect tricks, and RNG manipulations. Most notably the "dungeon 2 skip" and "Veran Warp" Any% 01:45:00
Link's Awakening MyOhMyke Accepted --- 100% Reverse Boss Order 3-Heart Challenge 01:00:00
Four Swords Anniversary Edition Hornlitz Accepted All the levels in this game are randomly generated from a set number of pieces. As such, the goal of the speedrun is to recognize what pieces you get and react accordingly, which makes for an interesting speedrun. Any% 00:30:00
Spirit Tracks Benstephens56 Accepted I talked to the ST guys to ask if any of them wanted to cover this one and they all said no, and I think it would be lame to have this game left out! I don't have a video for the run because I'm in the process of relearning but I would be ready for the marathon. Any% 05:00:00
Majora's Mask: 3D Benstephens56 Accepted Good clean any%. This run does not use the new goron missile method but it's pretty neat. You use wrong warps to skips significant portions of the game. Also the extended hookshot glitch is used a lot and is very visually impressive. Any% 01:45:00
The Wind Waker Chaotic_ace Accepted michael phelps Any% 04:05:00
Ocarina of Time: Master Quest Piti Accepted Master Quest is a game with completely revamped Ocarina of Time dungeons. The locations of items and layouts are completely different which can completely change the speedrun. Examples of this include getting early explosives in Gerudo Training Grounds and skipping Hover Boots. No IM/WW is a category well known in Ocarina of Time, and very popoular. This run puts a new spin on an old classic. No IM/WW 01:35:00
The Wind Waker HD Gymnast86 Accepted Wind Waker HD as a speedrun is a very entertaining to watch, and the All Dungeons category shows off many interesting things the game has to offer. These range anywhere from precise out of bounds clips to superswimming and even the legendary Barrier Skip. All Dungeons is also the only category of Wind Waker HD that currently does not rely on any heavy RNG, making it a good choice for being showcased at the ZSR Marathon. All Dungeons 03:00:00
The Minish Cap Blueinfinity22, Quoooo Accepted Minish Cap is a game that focuses on movement over anything else. The entire first half of the run is small optimizations that add up over the course of the run. Once the halfway point is reached we gain access to the Ocarina which allows us to do a lot of out of bounds and skip massive sections of the game. Any% Race 01:58:00
Ocarina of Time Zfg1 Accepted hundo 100% 04:35:00
Breath of The Wild Spades_live Accepted This run would hopefully be a race between me and acearinos: BotW All dungeons featuring Amiibos. This is an interesting run because it makes use of alot of interesting strats and techniques that arn't seen in the any% run, such as flying machine, interesting dungeon routes, etc. All Dungeons 02:15:00
A Link to The Past Timmon_ Accepted No Major Glitches is a Full game run, i will beat every dungeon and showcase the whole game. Including just some minor glitches. This is the "main" category of A link to the past. Any% NMG(No Major Glitches) 01:30:00
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Simpoldood Accepted --- Any% Warpless 01:05:00
A Link Between Worlds Herreteman, Romulostx Accepted Race with romulostx, assuming he can make it. ALBW is a spiritual succesor to A Link to the Past with a very fast-paced Any% run with barely any downtime and many, many skips. Despite coming out only about four years ago, the amount of tech, theory, knowledge and different routes give a lot to talk about. Also there are two Ravios and stuff. Any% Race 01:30:00
Zelda's Adventure Douggernaught Accepted ZA is the third CD-i Zelda game. It's objectively bad in an entertaining way - live-action FMV cutscenes, photo-based sprites/backgrounds, and nonsensical design choices. Any% 01:30:00
Link's Awakening DX BambooShadow Accepted It's a great game, with no game-breaking glitches but a lot of fun and speedtech nevertheless! Any% No WW, OoB and No S+Q 01:00:00
Oracle of Seasons Mghtymth1 Accepted Seasons is a game where you save the world from Onox the general of darkness and rescue Din the oracle of seasons. There are not too many glitches in the game but there are some cool platforming tricks like HSS skip and an extended RNG manip at the beginning of the run. Any% 02:05:00
Total 62:25:30
Phantom Hourglass Pok3monrocks Backup Phantom Hourglass is a more movement based zelda, with tricks and timesaver throughout. I would be doing Any% on DS with a JP cart which helps to save time later in the run, not due to text differences. Any% 03:28:00
Ocarina of Time: Master Quest Garnitrex Backup --- No IM/WW 01:35:00
The Minish Cap ToadsWoot Backup Minish Cap is a game that focuses on movement over anything else. The entire first half of the run is small optimizations that add up over the course of the run. Once the halfway point is reached we gain access to the Ocarina which allows us to do a lot of out of bounds and skip massive sections of the game. Any% 01:55:00
Ocarina of Time: 3D Benstephens56 Backup I did this at AGDQ this year, it's pretty nifty. You use a very complicated wrong warp to skip a bunch of stuff by getting to the game's debug file. All Dungeons 02:00:00
Twilight Princess Hastyaether Backup Twilight Princess is a very interesting and unique speedrun compared to most of the Zelda games. This game has, and I can't express it enough, some of the best looking and greatest glitches and tricks of any Zelda game. Any%, of course, is the shortest category of this game, and some tricks will be adjusted to be marathon safe. Any% 03:15:00
Breath of The Wild Acearinos Backup I plan on running with spades for an all dungeons race if you guys want one, else he can do a solo run if the organizers don't want a race. I plan on derusting and grinding amiibo with the same route as spades that my PB doesn't use. All Dungeons 02:20:00
The Wind Waker HD Deekunutz Backup Wind Waker HD is A great Speedrun. It has some interesting Glitches that make this game very unique. The most used glitches being the Item slide which builds up crazy amount of speed to launch you across big gaps or swim across the entire ocean in seconds. item sliding is used throughout the entire run for movement because it's the fastest way and we want to go fast. And i plan to run All Dungeons because Any% has very Luck based trick at the end which you could get first try or it could take you hours. All Dungeons 03:50:00
Breath of the Wild Loloup Backup Complete Medoh and 36 Shrines to have 13 Heart Pieces and get the Master Sword. MS-RTA 02:10:00
Ocarina of Time: 3D Greatjamama3d Backup --- Master Quest All Dungeons 03:30:00
Majora's Mask Ingx24 Backup Majora's Mask 2011 any% Any% 02:00:00
Link's Awakening DX GreenTunic Backup All the levels in this game are randomly generated from a set number of pieces. As such, the goal of the speedrun is to recognize what pieces you get and react accordingly, which makes for an interesting speedrun. Any% No WW/OoB No S+Q 01:05:00
Ocarina of Time Rubixmagic3 Declined I want to run Loz oot No WW. This run showcases double GIM, along with the ganon hover, it also shows an aspect of the game that a lot of other runs skip. Lastly, it demonstrates the power behind RBA as this run is heavily abuses that glitch. No Wrong Warp 00:52:00
Breath of The Wild Rekyuus Declined We would like to show off the bingo community doing a short card which typically takes about an hour to an hour and a half. Bingo Race 01:30:00
Breath of The Wild Rekyuus Declined It's a bit different from other runs that are being or have been showcased and it's fun to go around and give puppies food. It would be nice to showcase a new category as well. All Dog Treasures 03:00:00
Breath of The Wild Rekyuus Declined This run is interesting because it goes into detail about the mechanics of the Blood Moon. The Blood Moon is based off of an in-game timer so the run is essentially dictated in length dependingon how much time I spend in cutscenes or in menus. All Kass Quests 04:00:00
Skyward Sword EnderJP Declined Syward Sword is one of the most underrated Zelda Speedruns games. While it being one of the longest Zelda Any% Speedruns it packs loads of movement due to the in-game cutscene skips. The usage of Back in Time is to skip overworld areas of the game and sections of dungeons. Any% 06:10:00
Ocarina of Time: 3D Benstephens56 Declined --- 100% 04:40:00
Link's Awakening SerelepeMarsupial Declined Fast paced game with a lot of glitches. Broken as f***, really good to watch. Any% No WW/No OoB 01:00:00
Legend of Zelda JSR2gamers Declined This is the basic category everybody runs. I'm #6 in the world ATM. Beat the game without up+a as fast as possible. Any% No Up+A 00:35:00
The Wind Waker JiffyRuns Declined I plan on the running the Din's Pearl misc. category as it is short and very marathon safe. I have improved since my last streamed run and feel I could easily beat 1 hour in a marathon setting. This run requires few complicated tricks (no required ones) and does not have super swimming, which can make a game complicated to run in a marathon setting. Dins Pearl 01:00:00
Breath of the wild Loloup Declined Complete the 120 Shrines of BotW and kill Ganon All Shrines 09:30:00
Breath of the Wild Rekyuus Declined Master Sword and Dungeons, another new-to-the-leaderboards category that isn't terribly long with lots of travel and keeps up on the action of facing and showcasing some fast shrines and all the dungeons, as well as defeating Ganon with the Master Sword. Master Sword + Dungeons 03:45:00
Skyward Sword Phioptz Declined This run contains lots of uses of the back in time glitch and lots of movement tech. As of now my PB is above the estimate posted but I plan on easily bringing it down within the next few weeks. Any% 06:00:00
The Wind Waker HD Legendarybrew Declined Due to barrier skip being discovered, All Dungeons is the best speedrunning category for WWHD because any% has now been reduced to largely RNG based times. An all dungeons run shows off lots of the game and introduces many interesting tricks, while skipping some of the more boring parts (Triforce gathering). It is a very entertaining run to watch for casual players and speedrunners alike. All Dungeons 04:00:00
Ocarina of Time: 3D Benstephens56 Declined MST is similar to the all dungeons category, however, it's a lot more vanilla. You see a bit more of the game and the trials are very visual impressive and technical to run though. Despite being more conservative, this is still OoT3D and the wrong warps are still pretty rad. MST 02:25:00