King Zora Day 2015 Competition

We’d like you to compete in the King Zora Day 2015 Challenge!

The goal: Give King Zora the Ruto Letter, rescue his daughter, then collect the Zora Tunic and Eyeball Frog. The challenge ends on September 16th, at 0800 UTC.

For a full ruleset, see

King Zora Day (September 15th) is a holiday invented by myself in order to celebrate a series of glitches that were discovered in 2012, revolving around our great King:

  • Sockfolder's discovery of how to consistently unfreeze King Zora without blue fire, a glitch that had mystified some runners for years
  • Jarvitz accidental discovery of Early Eyeball Frog (HOLD R LOL) and the replication of the trick
  • Exodus's discovery that allowed us to swap what item King Zora gives between the Zora Tunic and Eyeball Frog whenever he gives you either item.

Give it a shot.