ZeldaSpeedRuns Marathon 2017

The ZSR Marathon is an event hosted by ZeldaSpeedRuns. A collection of every Zelda game(including the remakes) being speedrun on stream to provide quality entertainment to viewers, as well as bringing the entire community together for an event that is long overdue.
Not everyone has had the pleasure of seeing all or even any of the Zelda games in a fast paced environment beaten in a way that was never intended. This event is to share with everyone what kind of community the ZSR community is and what we do on a daily basis.

This event will take an unknown amount of time but well over 24 hours to conclude. Giving ample time for everyone to get to see multiple games and potentially bring people into many individual game communities. Providing everything in the planning stages goes well there is still the argument of which category should be displayed on stream. Likely the event category will not be set, giving individuals the chance to showcase the normal “Any%” or another category of their choosing. This is to add a variety so people can experience more than just the basics of individual games.
If you are also interested in having people help commentate your run for any amount of reasons please include the person / persons you wish to help commentate in your game submission.

Submissions for this event will be opened on the 1st of July. They will close 14 days later, on the 15th of July.

  • July 1st: Submissions open.
  • July 15th: Submissions close.
  • July 16th: Submission review.
  • July 16th: Runners with their respective game will be published.
  • July 21st: Schedule is released.

Interested in participating in the Marathon? You can find the link to the submission form below!

Submission Page

Rules for Runners

- A majority of runs MUST be done on console, games that allow emulator runs for leaderboard submissions will be allowed to be ran on emulator.

- Streaming is required

- Your run must start when designated to.

- Do not start until designated to.

- Your stream should be up ~10 minutes prior to your run time.

- You may stream however you would like to; meaning splits, facecam, etc. - the actual gamefeed needs to be on top though and without anything above it.

- Keep in mind your stream will be restreamed so it may difficult for others to see exactly what is going on if the gamefeed is too small.

- Please make sure the game is not stretched (4:3 or 16:9)

- You should be in the VC(voice channel) during the 5 minute setup “block” before your run.

- At the end of your run you should leave the specified voice channel within the 5 minute setup “block”.

- If you cannot participate after being selected please let the event organizers know.

- Before dropping from running you must find a suitable replacement.

Rules for Commentators

  • Each game will be limited to 3 commentators.
  • Runners will be granted a commentator spot even if there is already 3.
  • You may only join the designated voice channels when it is time for you to start helping with commentary.
  • If you join a designated voice channel prior to your time, you will be dropped from the commentary channel immediately.
  • Commentators should join the specified voice channel 5 minutes prior to the run being started.
  • Once the run is concluded you should leave the designated voice channel within the setup “block”.
  • If anything inappropriate is said during your commentary you will be immediately removed from the voice channel and banned from participating in future events. Example: Racism, Sexism, derogatory or demeaning terms.
  • Keep conversations and discussion mainly on-topic and about the game.

  • Just because we want the discussion to be mainly on-topic doesn't mean you cannot have fun!