Any% (RTA)

This category aims for fastest completion in a single sitting with no restrictions.


  • Intro
  • Kokiri sword and 4 rupees
  • Go to Lost woods
  • Naviless forest escape
  • Go down Zora's River
  • Get the red rupee to buy shield later
  • Should have 40 Rupees now
  • Wess to Kakariko
  • Collect cuccos for bottle
  • Catch bugs from the rock behind House of Skulltulas
  • Savewarp
  • Buy Deku Shield and equip it
  • Talk to Mido
  • Kill 1 Deku Baba for a Deku Stick
  • Inside Deku Tree, get Deku Nuts
  • Skip Navitext with stick method, other vinetext by backflipping on top of the chest
  • B1 Skip from the top floor
  • Web Clip
  • 2-3-1 room
  • Gohma Clip and kill Gohma behind wall
  • Exit room and reenter
  • Perform Ganondoor
  • Exit the room in Ganon's Castle by entering the doorway in front of you
  • Get a HESS off of a falling rock to void warp
  • Stick jumpslash dmg with Isg for Ganon first phase
  • Isg or jumpslashes with Master Sword for 2nd phase
  • Last Hit


The cutscene that plays when you first enter Deku Tree allows the wrong warp to work. If you have to savewarp inside Deku Tree for any reason, you need to go into Link's house and pause the game there to allow the warp to work even after saveawarping. If you are playing on the Japanese 1.1 version of the game, you will have to go into the Twin's house and pause the game there instead. The games title screen is considered a cutscene and watching it and then trying to warp will softlock your game.

If you have trouble getting the red rupee in Zora's River, you can collect more rupees while getting the sword, and after savewarping get any rupees you are lacking for the shield.

If you cannot do the HESS void warp you can go down Collapse sequence normally.

If you cannot do Gohma Clip you can burn the web in B1 using either flame storage or pushing the block. Make sure to damage yourself down to 1/2 heart for Gohma and do a double KO. Do Deku Baba Sidehop/Anti Gravity to skip B1 again and get back to Gohma room.

Last updated 10/31/2014 – mzxrules