Routed by TheWayfaringFox, Gamestabled, and Benstephens1000



  • Get Kokiri Sword

  • TSC Forest Escape

  • Chain Rupees [40 R]

  • Zeldas Lullaby

  • To Goron City

  • Grab a Deku stick from the throne room

  • Use fire on Deku stick to blow up rocks to lost woods

  • Saria's Song and deathwarp to SFM entrance

  • Goron Bracelet

  • To DC

Dodongo's Cavern 1

20 rupees in the stair room [60 R]

  • Hellfire Skip, Bombs

  • Get the Deku shield in the bombable wall after bombing eyes

  • Exit DC

  • Magic and savewarp [80 R]

Jabu Jabu

  • To Lost Woods

  • Navi Dive to Zora's River

  • Enter Zora's Domain

  • Get Deku nuts and TSC past King Zora

  • Enter Jabu Jabu without a fish (

  • Ruto cutscene

  • Boomerang

  • Megaflip to skip Big Octo fight and Zelda's Letter switch trick

  • Barinade and Heart Container, Sapphire Cutscene

  • Get Farore's Wind and savewarp

DoT Skip

  • TSC past the guard and a-slide clip past him

  • Set Farore's Wind in Market town

  • Buy Hylian Shield, get Dins Fire

  • Return Farore's Wind, reset Farore's Wind, and damage to 1 HP with the gold skulltula in the pot room

  • Death hole wrong warp and return Farore's Wind

  • Set Farore's Wind and exit to Hyrule Field

  • Megalfip across the gap and get Hover boots, return Farore's Wind

  • Enter shooting gallery, enter Temple of Time, pick up Master Sword



  • Save and quit

  • Set Farore's Wind when you enter Kakariko from Hyrule Field

Dodongo's Cavern 2

  • Die on block switch to open the boss room

  • Kill King Dodongo, Wrong Warp to the Nocturne of Shadow cutscene

  • Place Farore's Wind, get Hookshot, Return Farore's Wind

  • To Goron City and get Goron Tunic

  • Bolero of Fire CS skip

Fire Temple

  • Darunia cutscene, key, bombs, and bottled fairy

  • 2 small keys

  • Gate skip and key

  • Dispell Farore's Wind point and set point in hallway after the flame wall room

  • Sidehop over flame wall

  • Megaton Hammer and boss key skip

  • Volvagia and blue warp

  • Death Hole Wrong Warp in the grotto next to the Goron City entrance

  • Farore's Wind damage buffer to 1 HP and return Farore's Wind

  • Die, Save, and quit

Forest Temple

  • Hookshot jump to first small key

  • Stalfos key and set Farore's Wind in main room

  • Boss key skip

  • Kill Phantom Ganon, Heart Container, and Restricted Items cutscene skip

  • Song of Time block skip

  • Key skip

  • Block room

  • Fairy Bow and play Bolero

  • To Kokiri Forest via Goron City and Lost Woods

  • Go back to Lost woods and set Farore's Wind

  • Enter Deku Tree

Deku Tree

  • Hookshot jump to the top floor

  • 2 3 1 skip

  • Kill Gohma with deku nuts, Heart Container, Farore's Wind wrong warp to silver gauntlet CS

Spirit Temple

  • Backwalk with hover boots to get to the Mirror Shield

  • Iron Knuckle

  • Key from sun switch

  • Boss key skip

  • Nabooru Knuckle, Twinrova, optional Restricted Items cutscene skip

  • Play Nocturne of Shadow and open the door with Din's Fire

Shadow Temple

  • Hookshot clip to the first small key

  • Gate clip

  • Boat ride and boss key

  • Cross the gap

  • Set Farore's Wind in boss room, kill Bongo Bongo, optional Restricted Items cutscene skip, reset Farore's Wind and enter warp (Having a Farore's Point set in Bongo's room when you leave is VERY important!!!!)

  • Save and quit and LACS

Ganon's Tower

  • Forest Trial

  • Water Trial (Hookshot clip off Freezards to skip Bottle)

  • Shadow Trial (Hoverboost to torch and light it with Din's Fire)

  • Golden Gauntlets

  • Fire Trial

  • Light Trial

  • Spirit Trial (hookshot clip to skip bombchus, use bow to shoot web)

  • Enter Tower area and play Bolero

  • Death hole Wrong Warp and return Farore's Wind

Water Temple

  • Set Farore's Wind and Ocarina Items

  • WARNING: do not jumpslash, shield, or spin attack

  • Kill Morpha and enter the blue warp (WARNING: have bombs and Farore's Wind on your X and Y buttons)

  • Return Farore's Wind, Heart Container, ocarina items, and play nocturne

  • Skip loosing Master Sword

  • Kill Ganon

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