Majora's Mask - Any%

1:35:11 by Zeepo (43rd place)

Note: Zeepo has submitted a faster time here.

This run has not been verified.

This run sucks anus-hole.

Missed bottle super slide.
Not full hess to witch.
Got eaten by an eel.
Got tcs.
Didn't go for pcs.
Need to optimize gyorg fight.
Need to learn big boy grotto so I don't need to go back for bombchus.
Need to optimize lullaby skip, but got first try rng this run.
I missed the sun-block clip once. (Non-inverted)
Had to use an extra bomb for death warp.
Missed the weird shot twin mold boss key skip room.
Need to optimize twin mold fight.
Missed majora super slide.
And lastly, I have 2 minutes to save on majora fight alone.