Ocarina of Time - Any%

0:19:46 by maxx (53rd place)

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First sub 20!

I accidentally talked to Anju once while picking up cuccos (then climbed the fence before getting the bottle). The Deku Tree went well up to Gohma. I missed Gohma clip once, got a 1-pause buffer to clip on her second attack, then stunned her at the wrong time and had to restun to get the rolls to kill her. Void warp was excellent. It only took me 6 total pauses to buffer it all, and I got the HESS off the first rock I tried as soon as I got to the bottom. I even got the kiss.

If I try to improve this any more, I think I'll try to upgrade my strats a bit. HESSing without buffering would help, and there are other small timesavers I could pick up.