Ocarina of Time - No Wrong Warp

1:18:11 by Chabuloz (144th place)

This run has not been verified.

My route was as follows:
-Escape forest (navi dive) w/ stick.
-Get into zora's domain w/ chicken floating.
-Win silver scale.
-Get ruto's letter/give it to king.
-Catch a fish.
-Swordless DoT Skip. (16:24:8)
-Get shield/egg.
-Quick draw/shield swipe outside of
kakariko for RBA.
-I bomb slid to kokiri the first time.
-I got the roof grab otw to the potion shop.
-Traded the Mushroom. (37:48)
-I failed the bomb slide to kokiri the second time.
(i didn't attempt either pressure jump)
-I RBA'd with every item in the sequence, except for the mushroom.
-I played a bomb at the fairy fountian
to do zelda's lulaby + warp to Temple of time. (44:36 @ zelda's lulaby)
-I bomb slide (badly) towards gerudo
-I got the megaback flip across the bridge on my first try!!! (WOOT)
-RBA'd the broken sword.
-Save warped to Temple of Time for LACS. (51:18)
-Did a bottle swap with a fish to get
a bottle over the bow slot for arrow
-I did the armos skip, rather than the
hover skip by the water entrance, because i was low on bombs.
-I died to the 2 pull of stalfos once like a newb. =(
-I picked up the arrows in the pots before ganondork. (Quicker than buying them earlier in the run imo.)
-I fought ganondork with a bottle on
his ramp, and killed him with jumpslash-stored ISG. (1:07:31)
-I had a great tower collapse and ganon1/2 fight. (1:18:11.13)

This was the first time I've timed myself on N64 (This was 1.2 NTSC).
It was amazingly easy to pause buffer compared to emulator, but it
was much slower as it was 1.2
(I ordered a 1.1 jap cart recently, and am working on getting a usb capture setup on my pc.) I will be aiming for sub 1 hour when I have everything setup.