Early Light Pillar

This glitch is not speedrun legal, as it requires a premade file.


Early Light Pillars is a glitch using BiT that allows you to open one of the light pillars on a file early. The conditions that make this glitch work are not well understood.

Set Up

While conditions aren't well understood for this glitch, the following setup should allow for the glitch to work. You need your files to be set up in the following manner:

  • File 1: Trigger File - Must be saved outside the Fire Sanctuary (or Deep Woods?); no other conditions
  • File 2: Target File - Must be saved at a save prompt.
  • File 3: Tablet File - Must have the tablet you want already obtained, but not placed.

Usually your Tablet File will be for placing either the Ruby Tablet (for Eldin early) or the Amber Tablet (for Lanayru early).

How To

First, activate BiT. Then do the following:

  • With the Tablet File selected, obtain a Stamina Fruit or Rupee. This will load the tablet from that file into BiT.
  • With the Tablet File selected, enter the Goddess Statue while still in BiT.
  • Select the Trigger File. This will start a conversation with Fi.
  • Before Fi finishes talking, deselect the Trigger File and select the Tablet File. This will cause the tablet pedestal to rise from the floor.
  • Run up to the pedestal; you should have the option of placing a tablet.
  • Place the tablet and select your Target File at the same time. Just as Link finishes sliding the tablet into place, Start your Target File.

If everything works correctly, BiT will end, the tablet placing cutscene will play, and your Target File will be properly loaded. The light pillar associated to the tablet you placed will now be open on the Target File as well.

Video forthcoming

Caveats and Possible Failures

There are a few things that can go wrong with this glitch:

  • If the tablet pedestal does not open after Fi's conversation, there's something wrong with the Tablet File.
  • If BiT is still active when the Target File is loaded, then you started the file too late.
  • If the Target File is loaded normally with no effects, then you started the file too early.
  • If you are placed in Skyloft nearby the Light Tower, then there's something wrong with the Target File.

Even if the glitch works correctly, there are a few things that can go wrong:

  • Performing Lanayru Early and then attempting to place any tablet will crash the game.
  • Performing Eldin Early and placing the Emerald Tablet will not crash the game.
  • Performing Eldin Early before opening Faron seems to put Eldin in a pre-loaded state, similar to Skyview 0.
Last updated 05/12/2016 – indykenobi