Refilling Stamina

Almost all cutscenes will instantly refill your Stamina Gauge. This includes:

  • Door transitions
  • Opening chests
  • Talking to people (brown text boxes)
  • Examining a bird statue
  • Voiding or sinking into sinksand
  • Explosion cutscenes
  • Activating switches
  • Other non-text cutscenes where you lose control of Link

However, Fi texts (purple text boxes) and item texts (white text boxes) do not refill stamina.

In addition, cutscenes will not refill your stamina if Link is in a "no refill" state. This can sometimes occur in places where stamina will not refill on its own. Such places that cause this include:

  • Sand
  • Slopes
  • Ledges
  • Vines

Stamina Gauge

Your stamina gauge will actually drain at half speed when it is less than 1/4 full, but it refills at a constant rate. Therefore, when sprinting over long distances, it is most efficient to sprint until just before you run out of stamina (fourth beep), and then let it refill only to 1/4 full before sprinting again.

Your Stamina Gauge will also refill at half speed while holding Z (either targeting or not). If you need to refill your stamina, you should release Z; this can be difficult during a fight, so be cautious.


Rolling speed is slightly faster than sprinting, and rolling will always be max speed. So if you have a short distance to go, it will be faster to roll continuously. Even if you have to travel a longer distance, it is generally fastest to start with a roll and then sprint. This is a little faster than normally sprinting from rest, but shortens the distance the sprint will go.

Alternatively, you can extend the distance of Link's stamina from rest by walking for one step before sprinting. This is barely slower than normally sprinting.

Link can do a full roll even when he has only a sliver of stamina remaining. This can be very useful for extending the distance of the stamina to reach a stamina fruit, bird statue, or cutscene. Generally, it is not faster to roll into a loading zone (see Loading Zones below).

Stutter Sprinting

Discovered by aleckermit

Alternating between sprinting and walking allows you to conserve stamina while running up a slope or through sand. This extends the distance covered by a single charge of stamina, allowing Link to travel farther across sand or up slopes. One notable use of this is in the Earth Temple.

If done right, you can also make Link stand in place (or move slowly) on a slope. This can be useful in Eldin, when waiting for the Bokoblins to retrieve another rock.

How To:

While moving, hold the A button for about a half a second and then release A for about a half a second. Repeat this as much as needed.

Note: The timing is stricter running up a slope than through sand, because Link will slide down the slope more quickly than he sinks into sand.

Jumpslashing over Sand

If you use a manual jump into sand (by holding Z and pressing A), you can conserve your stamina for running across the sand. Although slower, you can conserve Link's stamina even further by following the jump with a jumpslash.

Loading Zones

For many loading zones, Link will exit the loading zone with the same momentum with which he entered it. However, you will not gain control of Link until a certain spot, which means if you go through a loading zone with high momentum, there will be a short cutscene of Link running on the other side before you gain control.

Thus, there are some circumstances where you will want to kill your momentum right before going into a loading zone, so that you gain control of Link immediately on the other end of the loading zone.

Entering a loading zone with these actions will result in no momentum on the other side:

  • Going into first-person view (preferred).
  • Front hop, backflip, sidehop or jumpslash into the loading zone.

Entering a loading zone with these actions will result in some momentum on the other side:

  • Jogging
  • Playing the Harp

Entering a loading zone with these actions will result in full momentum on the other side:

  • Sprinting
  • Rolling

Lastly, some loading zones are not subject to these rules. This includes boss doors and other loading zones with a specific cutscene on the other side (e.g. the loading zone from the waterfall cave to the loftwing's pen area).

Last updated 05/13/2016 – indykenobi