Eldin Province

Mailman Skips

Mailman Skip going to Eldin

It is possible to skip the mailman trigger on the way to Eldin twilight. To do this stand next to the green splodge shown in the video, then throw the boomerang ahead and LJA when the boomerang is OoB. This works because the boomerang is over a void OoB.

Mailman Skip coming out of Eldin

Discovered by Dragonbane0 & SVA

If you skip the first mailman on your way to Eldin Twilight, the same mailman will appear This mailman trigger can be skipped by simply jumping across the gap using a LJA. Backflip off Epona past the crack and stand near to the dark splodge.
Don't aim too far to the right or you will jump into the void.


Dash Cancel across roof before abandoned house

After leaving the hotel you can make use of dash cancels to optimize dashing across the roofs. After climbing up the roof, dash once and cancel it with a B-Attack. Do another B-Attack afterwards and then immediately dash again.
Wolf Link will dash right before the ledge causing the dash animation to get canceled and allowing to immediately dash again.

Wolf Bombhouse Skip

Discovered by Venick

Similar to TPSD you can skip the bombhouse segment in Eldin Twilight by killing the bug before it enters the bombhouse. This requires really optimal movement and a precise jump and is not recommended for actual runs for now.
Stand between the fifth and sixth step and sidehop left on the railing. Sidehop again on the fence and position yourself like in the video. Now jump onto the other side and jump op the small ledge.
You will be able to kill the bug before it enters the house.

Silver Rupee without Bombarrows

Similar to TPSD you can get the Silver rupee without bomb arrows by using Gale and bombs.

King Bulbin 1

King Bulblin 1 Skip

Originally discovered by LogitechSDAZ

It is possible to skip the King Bulblin 1 fight on return to Kakariko by getting over the gate without Epona. Therefore you need to lure the kargarok over to the gate and stab him so he gets knocked over the gate without breaking the target.
Get close to the gate and use ending blow to get over. Now hug the wall on the right side to skip the King Bulblin 1 trigger on the ground.
Note that this is really precise and hard to pull off and can only be attempted once cause the bird won't have enough health for a second try.

Alternatively this skip can be done by bonking through the gate with the help of Epona as it is done for Ordon Gate Clip and Early Lanayru Province.
This specific clip is harder though cause the keylock is in the way.

Fast Phase 2

For Phase 2 on the bridge you can turn around and run along side him to hit him. This is done by dashing 3 times then turning around just before the crack, then avoid him and knock him off

Kakariko Graveyard

Enter Zora Cave early (Graveyard OOB)

Originally discovered by LogitechSDAZ

Like in TPSD it is possible to enter the secret Zora cave behind Kakariko Graveyard early while the stone is still there by using LJAs. This can be used to get to Lake Hylia early or to get to Prince Ralis without the Zora Armor cutscene.

Death Mountain

Goron Mines Entrance

The fastest way to enter for TPHD is using the gorons to get up as intended until the last one.
Go up the mountain, sidehop through the steam, get hit by the gorons and then use the second to last Goron.
Climb onto him and angle urself towards the wall on the left to get up on the ledge. Grab the three yellow rupees to your left with a sidehop and go up to the entrance.

Quick Death Mountain Exit

Discovered by Dragonbane

After ooccooing out of Goron Mines there is a lot of backtracking to Kakariko. It is faster by 2 - 3 seconds to LJA acroos the pit instead of going down the normal way.
Stun the Goron before doing the LJA or he will knock you off.

Last updated 11/21/2016 – TreZc0_