Play on Italian if you have a PAL Wii U or Spanish if you have an NTSC Wii U. If you have Japanese Wii U...I'm sorry but you'll have to use Japanese.

It is recommended to read this page of common yet subtle techniques as well as this page on common terms and abbreviations before getting started.

It is best to learn from both this written route and by watching a high level run of the game as not every single small detail is explained (otherwise this document would be like 70 pages long).

Please feel free to join our discord server if you have any questions about anything in the run.


  1. Sidehop off tower
  2. Roll to grandma's house, climb ladder, Hero's Clothes, Savewarp
  3. Climb Ladder, Aryll Cutscene, Telescope, zoom in on mailbox/Quill
  4. Cutscene, Sidehop off tower, roll to Orca's House
  5. Sword training, For Orca's text (and all other fast text) Hold B and Mash A
    • Hold back on analog stick right before third hit and hold forward right before fourth sword hits of first two techniques
    • Quickspins for spin attack
    • Quick Parry (Activate the Parry the first two frames you can activate it, next one should appear early)
  6. Sword, Savewarp
  7. Roll up to FoF (Forest of Fairies)
  8. Red rupee quickspin, sidehop to lure bokoblin, Rupees in grass before slanted log
  9. Bokoblin fight (3 sword hits each, then quickspin), get rupees in grass while bokoblins are dying
  10. Cutscenes
  11. Roll to grandmas house, jumpslash over fence
  12. Climb ladder, backflip down, Hero's Shield, exit house
  13. Roll to tetra and talk, cutscenes
  14. Enter inside of ship, Hold ZL and mash A, talk to Niko, Ropes game, Spoils Bag, Savewarp

Forsaken Fortress

  1. Climb Ladder, Cutscenes
  2. Roll into Gossip Stone trigger, Cutscene
  3. Red rupees (If fast enough do early light cycle)
  4. Navigate up stairs, Window Jump, avoid Gossip Stone text
  5. Lure bokoblin to slash pot, take stick and quickspin bokoblin off of ledge to kill
  6. Window Grab or use stick to jumpslash into window, naviagte through rooms/corridors
  7. Double moblin room, roof moblin (don't get caught :P)
  8. Quick sidling(Spam the control stick direction you want to sidle), sword, green bokoblin fight (5 sword hits and quickspin)
  9. Open door, cutscenes


  1. If doing Cabana Deed Skip (CDS) get rupees in grass and blue rupees in pots
  2. Save Tingle
  3. If not doing CDS activate Cabana Deed Quest
    • Talk to Ms. Marie (teacher)
    • Talk to Killer Bees
    • Play Hide and Seek
    • Girl on ledge
    • Kid on tree
    • Kid Behind Grave
    • Kid behind Bomb Shop
    • Talk to Ms. Marie
  4. Buy Sail
  5. Back to King of Red Lions (KoRL), do barrerl game for 80 rupees while sailikng towards Dragon Roost Island (DRI)
  6. Arrive at DRI, Wind Waker

Dragon Roost Island

  1. Rock Jump/Skip , Blow up rock, Quill Cutscene, Inside
  2. Delivery Bag Cutscene, Delivery Bag
  3. Navigate up to Medli, Father’s Letter, down to Komali, Show Father’s Letter
  4. Navigate out to Pond area, Talk to Medli, Throw to opposite ledge, Bottle
  5. Get Water, Pour on bomb, Blow up rock to fill pond
  6. Throw Bombs into falling statues (optional jumpslash past second statue, risky but it saves 2 seconds)
  7. Enter Dragon Roost Cavern (DRC)

Dragon Roost Cavern

  1. Pull Blocks, jumpslash over fence, take stick with fire from bokoblin, light torches, small key
  2. Open door, break wooden barrier, roll into cutscene
  3. Navigate around big room, roll into rock explosion cutscene
  4. Water Pot Cutscene skip, climb ladder until third rung from top, wait for chu to jump, then continue
  5. Let bokoblin break wooden barrier, get sword, break next 2 wooden barriers (throw sword at second one)
  6. Small Key, quickspin bomb to blow up rock, Open locked door
  7. Take stick from bokoblin, burn wooden barrier, step on switch, outside
  8. Climb ladder (wait for lava cycle if necessary), Jump over sidle gab, sidehop jumpslash over ledge moving gap
  9. Blow up rock, Rat Room, Pull blocks, KoRL text, light stick on fire, throw at wooden barrier, small key
  10. Open Door, stab Kegoroc, small key, open door
  11. Stab pots, grab torch, light on fire, burn wooden barrier, light torches
  12. Roll across bridge, triple bokoblin room (kill first one, lure second and third ones together to kill both at once)
  13. Get water pot, walk around magtail, then throw
  14. Blow up warp pot, blow up other rock, Outside
  15. DRC Miniboss Fight, Grapple Hook, Savewarp
  16. (If not doing CDS get 2 joy pendants from bokoblins), Early BK with Item Slide
  17. Navigate through next room, item slide to skip hanging platforms, place magtail on switch, Boss Key (BK)
  18. Savewarp, (If not doing CDS farm joy pendants until 20) take warp pot (If not doing CDS get joy pendant in water pot on the right of the stairs to have 21 joy pendants), Enter Boss Room
  19. Gohma fight, enter Warp, Din’s Pearl


  1. Navigate to Wind’s Requiem stone and learn Wind’s Requiem
  2. Set Wind South, then Item Slide Superswim from DRI to Greatfish(Avoid red quadrants, green quadrant is destination), (superswim stalling may be necessary)
  3. Watch Cutscene, climb in boat (long cutscene will ensue, this is not a softlock. If you do this, after regaining control set wind Northeast for the remainder of sailing to Windfall) or Item Slide Superswim from Greatfish to Windfall,
  4. Sail to Windfall, Item Slide onto the pirate ship, Password Skip with Roll Clip
  5. Rope Jumping Game, Bombs, Savewarp

Forest Haven

  1. Item Slide Superswim from Windfall to Forest Haven
  2. Either Climb up normally or Ledge Clip with a bomb into Forest Haven
  3. Bonk on Tree, kill chus with a bomb if they’re all together, watch cutscene
  4. Navigate up Baba Buds, Bulb Skip, Obtain Leaf
  5. Leaf to Outside straight ahead, Item Slide into Forbidden Woods

Forbidden Woods

  1. Kill Blue Flower with Bomb
  2. Leaf pumping trick to skip Baba bud (Leaf pumping is NOT just pressing the leaf button)
  3. Use bomb and kill blue flower
  4. Leaf cancel ledge grab to moving platform without moving it
  5. Navigate past boko babas, kill the one on the right, take baba buds up to top, use leaf out of the second one to pull a bomb quicker(skips Link’s squatting animation)
  6. In next room pull bomb immediately and walk over to throw it at the blue flower
  7. Use Grapple Hook, Leaf to center flower and go around left to the blue flower on the door.
  8. Throw a bomb at blue flower and wait for the platform to come down
  9. Blow open warp pot from the lower ledge with Leaf
  10. Item Slide across the next two rooms, blow up the wooden barrier with a bomb, small key
  11. Item Slide back across previous two rooms, Item Slide to small key door
  12. Leaf cancel ledge grab to moving platform without moving it (peahats can sometimes troll and knock you into the water)
  13. Open door, ignore all enemies, navigate up baba buds to miniboss room
  14. FW Miniboss Fight, Boomerang, savewarp
  15. Take warp pot, Boomerang Big Blue Flower (jump down before cutscene) or skip cutting it down , open door
  16. Item Slide across room with morths on pillars
  17. Open door, get magic on the left grass in flower sailing room, Flower sailing skip with Item Slide
  18. Open door, Boss Key Clip or Boomerang puzzle to access BK, BK, Savewarp
  19. Take warp pot, jump down one level, kill 2 blue flowers, open door, get in middle of morthulas then pull bomb
  20. Open Door, get magic if needed from chestnut in middle of room, Open boss door
  21. Kalle Demos fight
  22. Warp out, Farore’s Pearl, savewarp

Raising the Tower of the Gods(ToG)

  1. Item Slide Superswim off of Beedle from Forest Haven to Outset(let him move slightly first)
  2. Item Slide Superswim from Outset to Northern Triangle Island (superswim stalling may be necessary), place din’s pearl, Item Slide void out, or jump in the water and savewarp, sail with KoRL around to Cave, Bomb wall, Nayru’s Pearl
  3. Savewarp to the front, Item Slide Superswim from Ouset to Eastern Triangle Island (superswim stalling may be necessary), place pearl, then either item slide void out or Savewarp while in the water(away from island) to get back to outset. Repeat for Outset to Southern Triangle Island, (superswim stalling may be necessary), (The order in which you place the last two pearls does not matter. If you get slow speed on the first swim, place Nayru's first)
  4. Tower of the Gods (ToG) Cutscene, Sail into ToG

Tower of the Gods

  1. Cruise to pillar on the right, get on and jump to floor, F1 skip with Ledge Clip
    -Tap away from the wall for all ledge clips
  2. Open door, place statues on middle and right switches, roll into left one facing the platform to skip platform cycle
  3. Open Door, Navigate to first statue corridor on the right, get statue, navigate back
  4. Learn Command Melody (CM)
  5. Get magic in the pot to the left, open door to second statue corridor, item slide across rooms, get statue
  6. Skip using the command melody
  7. Open Door, throw statue on switch, Leaf to platform, Open Door to miniboss fight
  8. ToG Miniboss Fight, Bow, Leave room
  9. Snipe bubbles, shoot eye, take statue back to main room, Enter third statue corridor, jump down to room with small key
  10. Leaf trick to small key, small key, void out back to scale room
  11. Item Slide across to skip scales, Skip Command Melody in next room.
  12. Navigate statue back into main room across scales, Pink Warp
  13. Early BK (Item Slide through the lasers)
  14. Defeat Armos' and go outside, Item Slide past everything, get 30 arrows, Boss Door
  15. Gohdan fight, Heart Container, Pink Warp
  16. Ring Bell, Down to Hyrule 1

Hyrule 1

  1. Cutscenes, Into castle, Hyrule Puzzle Skip
  2. Master Sword, back to main room, Hyrule Escape
    • Leaf pump as much as possible to keep height
    • If bad at leaf pumping do this
    • if you are out of/don't have enough magic, you can grapple moblins for more magic. Pots will never have magic in Hyrule
  3. Savewarp, get at least one magic drop in grass, get in KoRL, up to surface

Forsaken Fortress 2

  1. Set Wind NW, Sail NW until you hit Cyclos; defeat Cyclos with three arrow shots, Learn Ballad of the Gales (BoG)
  2. BoG to Windfall, Superswim from Windfall to FF2(northwestern side underwater floor), Clip into FF2
  3. Swim Over to Phantom Ganon Trigger, damage down to 1.5 hearts during phantom ganon fight, Skull Hammer
  4. Push down peg to climb stairs, FF2 Item Slide
  5. Item Slide to top of FF2, Leaf past first gap, grapple past second
  6. Open door, cutscenes, Item Slide up the long spiral ramp, Helmaroc Skip
  7. Cutscene, down to Hyrule 2

Hyrule 2

  1. Cutscene, into castle, down to MS room, Cutscene, back up to KoRL, cutscene, surface

Pre-Earth Temple

  1. BoG to Mother and Child Isles, Cutscene, Fire and Ice arrows
  2. BoG to Windfall, Superswim from Windfall to Fire Mountain, Savewarp
  3. Shoot Ice arrow, climb fire mountain, leaf past sidle gap
  4. Fire Mountain Item Slide Power Bracelets , Savewarp
  5. BoG to Windfall, Superswim from Windfall to Headstone(Earth Temple), Learn Earth God’s Lyric
  6. Superswim from Headstone to Ice Ring Isle, Fire Arrow the Chest and use to get into Ice Ring, Roll past wind to Iron Boots, Savewarp
  7. BoG to DRI, up to medli (Get magic from pots when outside on second level)
  8. Teach medli Earth God’s Lyric, Cutscene
  9. Item Slide Superswim from DRI to Gale Isle(Wind Temple)
  10. Learn Wind God’s Aria, Superswim from Gale Isle to Headstone
  11. Play song with Medli, Enter Earth Temple

Earth Temple

  1. Open door to first room, Skip using Command Melody if at least 3/4 full magic meter, otherwise throw Medli and use CM
  2. Open door with Medli, throw her into the light, go around killing red and green chus.
  3. Walk around Medli to shine light on dark chus, kill with skull hammer jumpslash (get magic in skulls if needed).
  4. Fly with Medli to skull hammer peg, hit with skull hammer in midair
  5. Through door, throw Medli to where light will shine
  6. Climb ladder and pull block 4 times (mash sidehop during 4th pull animation)
  7. Play CM and shine light on chest, small key
  8. Call Medli, Item Slide across to the door and open (Medli should follow with you), Item Slide again across to the locked door and open
  9. Turn around and pick up Medli, Skip Placing Purple Chus (either Method 1 or Method 3 is recommended)
  10. Open Door, fly off ledge with Medli towards Floormaster, mash B and jumpslash quickspin floormaster
  11. Push block to open up light source, place Medli in light source, walk slowly away from Medli so she shines the light on the breakable wall
  12. Throw Medli up to higher level, pull block to open door
  13. Open Door, drop Medli, kill moblins with jumpslash quickspins, kill poes by knocking away lantern with skull hammer and letting them take control of you, then bomb yourself to kill them.
  14. Open Door, trick to get small key without fighting redeads
  15. Unlock door to Mirror Shield room
  16. Miniboss skip or []ET Miniboss]( (if you run out of magic), Mirror Shield
  17. Back to room with moblins and poes, use Medli and yourself to break the breakable wall, Item Slide back across to Medli
  18. Statue Skip
  19. Play Song with Medli to get past Song Stone
  20. Shine light on left elephant in next room
  21. Fly across Floormaster gap with Medli
  22. Place Medli next to the grating, shoot the red flag thing covering the alcove with a fire arrow, pull huge mirror
  23. Small Key Skip or begnner's method Alternatively you can use an Item Slide to reach the alcove with the joy pendant
  24. Skip CM for shining light on elephant, get magic in skull if needed
  25. In next room get magic from falling coffin, break song stone with Medli
  26. Earth Temple Boss Key Skip: Advanced Method (faster) beginner's method (slower)
  27. Jalhalla fight, Enter Warp
  28. Item Slide Superswim from Headstone to Islet of Steel, obtain triforce chart 1(get rupees in the pots), BoG to Forest Haven, Cruise to Island, get Makar
  29. BoG to Windfall, Item Slide Superswim from Windfall to Gale Isle
  30. Break stone by playing WGA, Wind Temple

Wind Temple

  1. Call Makar, enter first room, Item Slide across this room(do NOT grab the ledge on the door frame otherwise Makar will stop following you)
  2. Open door and turn around to pick up Makar, navigate through rooms until he gets captured
  3. Shoot the warp pot with a fire arrow, Item Slide across main fan room, Get behind song stone for Early Boss Key
  4. Darknut fight using ice arrow + skull hammer combo
  5. Break warp pot close to the entrance with sword, go in
  6. Open cage and sidehop down, then Item Slide to the top of the miniboss door frame, Roll Clip through Door Frame
  7. WT Miniboss Fight, Hookshot
  8. Hit the skull hammer peg to open door
  9. item slide across main room, bomb boost to small key
  10. Get Magic in grass before hookshotting up to platform, Weird hookshot clip to skip opening the bottom fan cage
  11. Open door, step on upper switch with iron boots (sidehop off before cutscene)
  12. Item Slide across next two rooms, Song Stone Skip with Item Sliding
  13. Get magic from pots + fairy if you need it(getting a fairy in a bottle is recommended), get rupees
  14. Molgera Fight, get Heart Container, Wind Temple

Triforce Quest

  1. Item Slide Superswim from Gale Isle to Needle Rock, Savewarp(Be on land)
  2. Sail to Golden Ship, get Triforce Chart 3, Set Wind South, Sail to Diamond Steppe
  3. set wind North, Into Diamond Steppe, Clip into Ship on the left and hookshot to chest, Ghost Ship Chart
  4. Savewarp and Sail to Ghost Ship(Open the chart before getting there)
    • If you miss the ghost ship cycle, it will appear at Bomb Isle the next night.
  5. Item Slide through ghost ship, Collect all rupees(ideally at least 460), triforce shard
  6. BoG to Tingle Isle, Decipher Chart 1
  7. BoG to Windfall, Item Slide Superswim from Windfall to Overlook,
  8. Overlook, Triforce piece, rupees in left pot, Savewarp
  9. BoG to Windfall, Obtain Cabana Deed if not doing CDS, Superswim from Windfall to Private Oasis
  10. Cabana Deed Skip or show Cabana Deed to butler door
  11. Get Rupees in the pots with grapple hook (should have at least 398), Skull Hammer through walls to get to triforce shard
  12. BoG to Tingle Isle, Decipher Chart 3, BoG to Outset, set wind southwest, Savage Labyrinth, Floor skips (500 rupees), Triforce Shard, Savewarp
  13. Item Slide Superswim from Outset to Birds Rock Peak, Bait Bag skip, triforce chart 2, Grapple back out, Sail South to Cliff Plateau, fish up Triforce Shard from Chart 3
  14. BoG to Tingle Isle, set wind north, Decipher Chart, BoG to Greatfish, Salvage Triforce Shard, BoG to Windfall
  15. Item Slide Superswim from Windfall to Stonewatcher
  16. Stonewatcher, Triforce shard, Savewarp
  17. Salvage Triforce Shard from Chart 2,
  18. BoG to ToG, Cutscene

Hyrule 3

  1. Go to Master Sword room, fight darknuts with ice arrow + skull hammer
  2. Break the Barrier, Item Slide across Hyrule, use hookshot to get across broken bridge
  3. Item Slide to door frame Trials Skip
  4. Get magic in skull before room with stupid useless cutscene
  5. Phantom Ganon Maze and beat Phantom Ganon for Light Arrows
  6. Shoot Phantom Ganon with Light Arrow, break the stone wall with his sword
  7. Shoot all mobs in final staircase with Light Arrows and Item Slide up the room between enemies, get max magic and arrows
  8. Enter Puppet Ganon
  9. Climb red rope, get health if needed, Enter Ganondorf
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