Stasis Launch

Similar to Stasis Travel you can abuse the Stasis ability to travel huge distances at high speeds in combination with the paraglider.

To do it, use stasis on a boulder / tree trunk / metal box and hit it as often as possible (red arrow means max momentum).
Now position yourself on the front side of the object or in front of it for smaller objects like tree trunks with a weapon in hand and backflip on the 6th fast beep right before stasis breaks.
You will get launched into the air and can pull out the paraglider to travel forward at high speed.


  • The frame window to make the jump is bigger if the object itself is bigger and therefore more likely to hit you.
  • If you use a big metal platform to perfom this trick, you can ride on it for a few seconds before jump to boost even further.
  • You will have to eat if you're low on hearts or you are likely to die.
Last updated 04/23/2017 – Bokoblins