List of Common Yet Subtle Techniques

Dry Rolling

A dry roll is when Link does a roll at the slowest possible speed by not touching the control stick at all. This is done by holding ZL and pressing A with the control stick in the neutral position. Dry roll speed is 20 where as normal roll speed is 26.

Jumpslash Quickspin

A jumpslash quickspin is a technique that can do a significant amount of damage to an enemy, and in most cases kill many small or medium sized them within roughly 1 second. To perform this technique, do a jumpslash and then spin the control stick in a circular motion while Link is in the air. Pressing B is not required, the spin attack portion should automatically happen once Link is on the ground again. If used correctly, an enemy will get hit by both the jumpslash and the quickspin portions of the attack. If both portions hit, 6 damage will get dealt the the enemy (12 if you're using the Master Sword and 24 if you're using the Master Sword with Elixir Soup). What's strange about this is that a normal jumpslash and a normal quickspin only do 2 damage each (with the Hero's Sword) so the fact that both combined does 6 is wacky. Note that if you are too close to an enemy and attempt this technique, it's likely that the enemy will only get hit by the jumpslash portion. Make sure you have enough distance between you and the enemy before perfroming it.

Ledge Hanging

If you've watched a speedrun of TWW or TWWHD you may have noticed times where after rolling off of a ledge Link won't jump, but instead will hang or simply fall instead. This is achieved by letting go of the control stick before Link makes it to the ledge and is commonly used to setup Ledge Clipping in a fast manner by ledge hanging off of the ledge used to clip.

Wall Targeting

If Link is facing a flat wall and is right up against it, you can use ZL to target up against it and obtain an angle perpendicular to that of the wall. This will usually take at least two separate targets and may sometimes require shifting to a slightly different part of the wall.

Pulling Out Your Sword

While more of technical knowledge than a technique, it should be noted that if Link does not have an item in his hand and you are not currently targeting and press B, Link will simply draw his sword. However if Link is passively holding an item in his hand (Leaf, Bow, Hookshot, etc.) OR if you're targetting with ZL (regardless of if there's an item in his hand) and you attempt to draw your sword, you will do a slash instead of just pulling your sword.

Crawling vs Shielding

Much like the last technique described, if Link does not have an item in his hand and you press ZR, he will duck down and begin to crawl if you move the control stick. However if you are holding an item in your hand (including the sword) OR if you're targetting with ZL (regardless of if there's an item in his hand) and press ZR, then Link will put his shield in front of him. An example of when new runners can get confused by this is when performing Helmaroc Skip. After doing the walk clip portion of the trick and needing to crawl under the arena's spikes, many new runners will shield instead of crawling because they do not realize that they still have the Wind Waker in Link's hands and that they need to put it away.

Double Stabbing

In TWWHD some enemies can be hit twice using a single stab attack (and ONLY a stab attack, other sword attacks will not double hit). This is done if Link is very close to the enemy he stabs and becomes easier when the Master Sword is obtained as its hitbox is longer than that of the Hero's Sword.

Superswim Stalling

At very high speeds in the water, it is possible to begin charging a superswim by simply holding Up on the left control stick IF the freecam is not active. This will allow Link to effectively stall in place and can be used to prevent splooshing on certain islands that need more time to load the water in their quadrants. This can also give smaller islands a chance to load so that Link does not swim through their facades.

Killing Superswim Speed

If you need to kill your superswim speed at any island, this can be done by holding ZL to target and then holding the direction which will make Link go backwards (usually Down) on the left control stick. This will set Link's speed value to 0.
Note: Doing this on land will not work. On land it will simply make Link's speed positive instead of negative.

Canceling Link's Animation after a Barred Door

Often times in a speedrun, Link will run through doors where the door gets barred or locked behind him and he turns back to look at it. It is possible to cancel this animation and save a second by pulling out a bomb right before opening the any door that leads into this animation.

Last updated 01/26/2017 – gymnast86