Start Button Buffering

When you press the Start button to pause, the game goes through a small animation to open the pause menu. Pressing Start again will close this menu, but another small animation will occur. Since there is lag in gaining control of either the pause menu or Link during these animation segments, they are known as pause and unpause lag, respectively.

By pressing and holding a button during unpause lag, Link will immediately perform whatever action is associated with that button once unpause lag ends. It is also possible to buffer a pause during unpause lag in Link's Awakening DX, the result of which will advance the game one frame at a time. This is useful for executing certain frame-perfect tricks, including Dethyl Skip. Due to differences in pause mechanics between the two games, you cannot buffer the Start button during unpause lag in the original Link's Awakening.

Save+Quit Menu Buffering

In both the original Link's Awakening and the DX version it is possible to use the Save+Quit menu to pause buffer. It is more useful in the original Link's Awakening for executing certain frame-perfect tricks, including Villa Skip.

Map Buffering

Map buffering occurs by pressing the Select button. Like the standard pause button buffering in Link's Awakening DX, you can buffer the Select button during unpause lag, thus advancing the game four frames each pause. This is different from Start button buffering, which would advance the game one frame each pause. Map buffering is useful for executing certain frame-perfect tricks, including Dethyl Skip.

Screen Transition Buffering

When transitioning between screens, holding an item button down will cause the item to be used the moment Link gains control after the transition.

Pegasus Boots Buffering

Pegasus Boots buffering can be performed by grabbing an object while Link is charging the boots. The next dash he performs will need less time to charge.

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