Ocarina Glitch

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Discovered by Pika9323


The Ocarina glitch allows you to walk through certain objects and walk above rooms, allowing for many large tricks and sequence breaks.

How to

To do this glitch, you need the Ocarina of Wind and a staircase that leads to another room. To activate the glitch, get in front of the staircase, then press up and the ocarina at the same time. If done correctly, everything in the room will now freeze and link will enter but quickly pop out of the staircase.

While in the frozen room state:

  • You cannot pause
  • Rolling will softlock the game
  • Running into a wall with the pegasus boots will softlock the game
  • Talking with NPCs will softlock the game
  • You can walk through NPCs

Going to another room by scrolling the map (not loading a completely new area like going up a staircase or leaving a dungeon) will unfreeze everything. The above effects will deactivate but you still have the Ocarina glitch active. Playing the ocarina will completely cancel the freeze and all effects of the ocarina glitch.

While the glitch is active, your height in a room will be preserved. This means you cannot fall in pits, and you can go up stairs to another level of a room, but cannot do down. Once you are on a higher level of the room, you will be able to walk over everything on the lower level, including over walls. However, if you transition the screen while over a lower level, your height will be set back to the lower level and you will not be able to walk over walls you could before, so be careful to transition the screen to where you start on the same height level as the previous screen.

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While in the frozen room state, using items that make a sprite appear like the Cane of Pacci or the Bow will make the sprite appear and stay in place. You can repeatedly use items to create more sprites or mess with existing sprites and have them stay in place, then use the ocarina to unfreeze and have everything go off at once. Creating too make sprites will cause stuff to start disappearing or flickering, though the collision remains. Unfortunately it has no known uses, but it's fun to play around with.

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Some uses for the ocarina glitch:

  • Temple of Droplets Sequence Breaks
  • Palace of Winds Early
  • Dark Hyrule Castle Sequence Breaks

Ocarina Glitch Off Buildings

It's possible to Ocarina Glitch off of certain houses by dying (and reviving with a fairy) at the correct frame when entering a building, glitching the door open and allowing you to activate Ocarina Glitch with it.

Walking Through Pushable Objects

Discovered by ToadsWoot

If you die while pushing an object, revive, and do the Ocarina Glitch while the object is still moving, you will be able to walk through the object as long as the Ocarina Glitch is active.

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