Portal Items

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Discovered by MrGrunz
Only possible on the Jp and Eur version

It is possible to use items on Minish Portals and non-flipped over pots. To achieve this, walk diagonally up towards the portal, use an item then walk straight left/right. You should jump up on the portal and use the item. All items except the Gust Jar work.

Fortress of Winds Big Key Skip

Discovered by mbrules

It is possible to skip the Big Key and about half of FoW by clipping over a wall.

After obtaining the Mole Mitts, return to the start of the dungeon and climb the eastern section (where you would have picked up a key). On the left-most portal, it is possible to use a well timed explosive combined with using the Mole Mitts to raise yourself up higher to get up on the wall. From here, walk to the left and you will be able to walk over the boss door. (Video when ready)

Palace of Winds Sequence Break

Discovered by MrGrunz

It is possible to skip past the first part of the dungeon, also skipping the Big Key, by using the Mole Mitts on a stone portal after the pot puzzle. Unfortunately by doing so, you are unable to open the last door leading to the boss making this trick useless. Video here.

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