Version 1.0

The original release of the game.

Version 1.1

Released 2/27/2015, version 1.1 was released to fix various issues with the game to make it more "enjoyable". Changes that have been noted are as follows:

  • Fixed a glitch with the Honey & Darling minigame where you can become swordless and also get Ocarina B by hanging from the edge
  • Fixed a softlock with the bank in the EUR version
  • Fixed ESS bottle duping over items and masks
  • "ERROR!****" message has been removed, now just showing an empty text box instead


Introduced in 3DS firmware 10.4, some games are required to be on the latest update to launch. MM3D does NOT require 1.1 to launch. If you do update, you can simply delete the patch data by going into your data management settings and deleting it.

The latest North American cartridges of the game come with the 1.1 patch preinstalled. Due to this, it can't be deleted and it is recommended to buy the digital eShop version instead.

Last updated 12/25/2016 – Pedalpowerluigi