All Masks

1st cycle;
2 rupees from grass after becoming Deku
Enter CT
Grandma's Stories to 3rd day
Deposit 2 rupees
Scarecrow to 3rd night
Stray fairy in east CT
100 rupee chest from Stock-pot Inn
Owl and deposit 99 rupees
Gainer to clock tower
Wait until midnight
Ocarina and SoT

2nd cycle;
$SoDT 2pm
Get SoH + Deku Mask (1)
East CT
Kafei's Mask (2)
100 rupee chest
Talk to Anju w/ Kafei's Mask
Deposit 99 rupees
Withdraw 90 rupees
West CT
Buy Bomb Bag
Termina Field
Skull kid CS-skip w/ SoDT 10pm
Enter Swamp
SoS + Owl
Get stick from grass
Get nut from baba
Woods of Mystery
Get witch bottle

North CT
Exit to Termina
Early MV
MV owl
Lens Cave (Throw nuts, dupe over with bugs, catch bugs in duped bottle, empty real bottle, get lens)
Goron Mask (3)
Pull the grave, do not catch water
East CT
Midnight meeting
South CT
Deposit letter
West CT
Buy red potion
Exit to Termina
Great Bay Early
Zora Mask (4)
Great Bay Owl
Pirates Foretress (make sure to have magic after entering inner fortress)
Sewer Skip (JumpSlask Skip)
Stone Mask (5)
Upper Hookshot Room
Time stop past trigger
Zora rang beehive

Enter Ocean Spider House
Giant Wallet
Zora Pots for 500 rupees
$SoS Swamp
Kill Octorock
Roll to Swamp Spider House
Get 2 Bottles of bugs
Mask of Truth (6)
Deku palace
Make your way to Woodfall
Get nuts from pot
Open Woodfall
Enter Woodfall
Get Bow + BK
Action Swap light torch
Enter boss room
Kill Odowla
Get HC
Get remains
Catch Deku princess
To Deku Palace
$SoDT 5pm 2nd day infront of deku palace guards
Deposit Deku Princess
Butler race
Mask of Scents (7)
Deposit 500 Rupees
Laundry Pool
Bremen Mask (8)
Get pendant of memories
$SoDT 3rd day
Keaton Mask (9) + Priority Mail
Go to Stock-pot in
Give pendant to Anju (in 3rd room upstairs)
$SoDT 6pm

To Ikana
Goron DMG boost over fences
Captain's Hat (10)
Goron Hop S+Q
Ice arrow skip to get up to music box house
Ikana Owl (S+Q start timer)
Gibdo Clip
Gibdo Mask (11)
Roll to Sakons hideout
Do Sakons hideout clip
Rescue sun mask
Twin Mountain
Melt Ice with Action Swap (Quickdraw from tingle)
Set alarm to 6am first day
Catch 6:30-6:45
$SDoT to 5am
Get Milkroad Owl
Go to postoffice, stand on bed to warp
Melt Ghot w/ QuickDraw
Beat Ghot
Get HC
Get Remains

After Goth;
Dump Springwater from Gibdo bottle
Catch Bugs (from arrow drop grass)
S+Q MV (start timer) ISoT storage enter Goron Shrine
Catch spring water in Gibdo at 1:25-1:40
Invert with the stored text
$SoS Milk Road
Roll to Cuccoo place
Bunny Hood (12)
Epona's Song
$SoDT 3am
Beat aliens
$SoDT to 2nd Night (6pm)
Protect the Milk
Romani's Mask (13)
$SoDT 12pm
Kamaro's Mask (14)
Enter Grotto $SoDT 6pm 3rd Day

West CT
Give Priority Mail to Postman
South CT
S+Q (start timer)
$SoDT 4am
East CT
Postman's Hat (15)
Couple's Mask (16)
Timestop w/ fairy, SoT, activate it
Catch springwater in Gibdo at 3:49-4:04
Get Stick from Baba
Exit grotto (mash ocarina after boss intro, ISoT)
Get Arrows from Pot
Kill Gyorg
Get HC
Get Remains
Catch Fairy + Get bombs
To Goron Village
Get Nuts from Snowball
Enter Goron Village
Action Swap to light torch and then chandeliar
Rock Sirloin
S+Q Outside (Start Timer)

Give Sirloin to goron on ledge in MV
Don Gero's Mask (17)
Twin Mountains
Melt ice with Gibdo Bottle
Catch springwater in Gibdo at 2:29-2:44
$SoDT 4am
Withdraw 90 rupees
Buy 10 chus and 10 bombs
Get Stray Fairy
Take dmg from chus (down to 1 1/2 hearts)
Enter Milkbar before 5am
Stand on table, transition warp
Exit and re-enter STT
Elegy Skip in block room
Kill Armos w/ bombs + chus
Mirror Shield skip in Mirror Room
Light Arrows
$SoS Entrance

Exit STT
Get Owl
Jump down to Ikana
Gibdo Clip
Re-get Gibdo Mask
$SoDT 12pm
North CT
Blast Mask (18)
Great Fairy Mask (19)
East CT
Troupe Leaders Mask (20)
$SoS Milkroad
$SoDT 2nd Day
$Epona's Song
Get Deku Sword
Race Gorman
Garo Mask (21)
Invert STT
(SoDT to 3rd night)
Beat Twinmold
Giant's Mask (22)
Get HC
Get Remains
Withdraw rupees so you have 500
All Night's Mask (23)
Clock Tower

Do Twinmold trial before Deku to keep Deku Sword

Twinmold trial: play SoH for Gossipstone before knuckle and top left in knuckle room
Deku Trial: Fly and beat it
Goron Trial: Roll and beat it
Zora Trial: Left, Right, Up

Get Fierce Deity Mask (24)

Wreck Majora :^)

Last updated 04/09/2015 – Slask