Goron Missile

Currently, this glitch can only be performed in South Clock Town because it involves being able to use hookshot or bow as Goron through text storage during 0th day.

How to

  • Get the carpenter close to the mailbox and talk to him to activate Text Storage.
  • Check the mailbox as Goron, when the menu comes up, get away from facing the mailbox and cancel out of the menu. (Do not L Target to change camera position, targeting gets rid of Restricted Items)
  • Press the Hookshot/Bow button once, curl, press the item again, press A to stand back up and now part of the glitch is activated.
  • Curl again and roll forward, press B to do a Goron Pound and 1 frame after hitting the ground press A to stand up; Goron should then move at an insane speed that can clip through walls or fly super high up.


The speed you get will depend on how much you hold the circle pad in any direction. Let's say you hold up just a little bit, the speed you will get is going to be different than if you held the circle all the way up.

For reference, backwalking speed is 16; you can easily reach a speed of 1000 doing this glitch.

Last updated 08/28/2016 – Piorrro33