Snowpeak Ruins

Early Heart Piece 1

Originally discovered by Paraxade

Target a keese with the gale boomerang to bring it to Link. Turn into a wolf and use a Dark Energy Attack to target the keese. Wait until it returns to its platform and release the attack to jump up to the platform. Then use a Long Jump Attack to reach the Heart Piece. You want to be standing at the top of the stairs and slightly away from the wall as shown in the video

Early Heart Piece 2

Originally discovered by ZFG

Simply long jump to the chest. To get out, clawshot through the ceiling.

Consistent Double LJA to Small Key

Originally discovered by Dragonbane

After entering the room on the first floor, roll to the right side in front of the Ice wall.
Target the window across the room, then the top of the pillar slightly to the right and then do the final target far to the right (over the fence).
Jump as soon as the boomerang goes out of bounds both times.

Get past the ice wall

The Floor clip to get to Darkhammer early is fixed in TPHD. However you can still pass the ice wall without the B&C.
Jump onto the cage, L-target the freezard in the upper cage and sidehop in front of the icewall.

Freezard Skip (early Ball and Chain)

As Wolf Link, get into the corner to the left of the freezard and wait for him to be fully turned. Now dash around him and hit him right next to the doorframe.
Break out of the ice and jump inbetween door and freezard while still being invincible.
Backwalk after transforming till you can open the door.

There is a faster method to skip the Freezard which was found by Venick that saves about 3,5 seconds. To do it, simply run into the wall on the right of the Freezard and hit him there.
Alternatively just B-attack against the wall. Break out of the ice and B-Attack between the Freezard and the doorframe.
Backwalk after transforming till you can open the door.

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