Early Lanayru Province

Discovered by Peteyboo


Instead of going around Eldin and taking the long way to Lanayru it is possible to clip through the gate on Hyrule field by using Epona.

How To

Clipping Through the Lanayru Gate

  1. Get on Epona and ride over to the Western gate (GCN) which leads to Lake Hylia and the Lanaryu Province.
  2. Align Epona at a slight acute angle with the gate (the less space between Epona and the gate, the more likely you are to clip).
  3. Sidehop into the acute angle and roll into the gate.
  4. If you setup Epona's alignment properly you should either:

    • Immediately roll through the gate.
    • Crash into the gate, and as you stand back up, get pushed through the gate by Epona.

After voyaging part-way into the province, you will be warped to the Great Bridge of Hylia, by the Twilit Bulblin cutscene.

Eponaless Lanayru Gate Clip

Discovered by Rachel Bryk

It is possible to clip through the gate by bonking into the gate and then dashing through on the right frame. This is insanely hard to pull off RTA as it is frame perfect, the frame can vary every time and sometimes might not be possible due to the RNG of the gate swinging.


  • For now clipping through the gate as human results in a soft lock later cause we cannot do Early Master Sword and therefore not transform in Lanayru which means bug collection is impossible.
  • Eponaless Lanayru Gate Clip is frame perfect and RNG dependant and therefore not recommended for RTA runs at all.
Last updated 03/16/2016 – TreZc0_