Lanayru Province

Lake Hylia

Faster Kargaroc Flight

Discovered by Dragonbane

Right after the start of the Kargaroc flying sequence it is possible to save around 6 seconds by taking the Kargaroc out of bounds and flying around the cave.
The clip is kinda precise and on the way to the Loading Zone you have to fly high enough or you will void.

Boss Bug Fast Fight

Discovered by Dragonbane0

It is possible with careful positioning and the direction you knock the bug, to manipulate the bug's movement so he will start charging at you from far away. This means you can then backhop and attack him as his invulnerability disappears, doing this causes the bug to hang around near the plank meaning you can grab onto him earlier than waiting for him to attack again. Please note you have to wait slightly before the regrab otherwise the bug is too low and you will simply rebound off him

Northern Hyrule Field

Epona Ledge Clip to Zora's Domain

Discovered by TrogWW, Setup by Dragonbane0

Without bombs there is no normal way to get back to Zora's domain without the Master Sword. In the current Any% route it is necessary though to get back to Upper Zora River to help Iza and get the bombbag.
This can be done by getting Epona out of bounds in the Northern Hyrule field and riding her all the way to the Zora's Domain loading zone.
The clip however is very very precise and hard, even with the setup.

  1. Ride Epona into the little corner right at the riverside next to the stairs.

  2. Align Link with the second post of the bridge in front, then walk straight back with Epona until she stops moving.

  3. Turn left and let Epona do one full circle around herself to get into the correct position (the river pushes you).

  4. Align roughly with the ledge behind you that you want to clip through and take out your sword.

  5. Pan out the camera as far as possible, hold B to charge a spin and adjust the camera according to the visual cues shown in the screenshot below. Tap backwards on the control stick briefly to adjust Epona's angle without moving until you have the right angle and the camera is fixed to that angle. Note that this is very precise and can only differ by a pixel or two.
    TPHD Epona Clip

  6. Keeping holding B and dash once until Epona stops completely without holding a direction.

  7. Walk back 16 steps (counting Epona's left hoof) and pause when her left hoof hits the ground completely for the 16th time.

  8. Let go of everything and unpause. Now backflip, hop on again and clip without holding anything.

  9. Ride all the way to Zora's Domain using the shown path (game will crash if you use a different path).

  10. Backflip inbounds past the rocks blocking Zora's domain. If you are not high enough, you will fall down. In this case, just savewarp before voiding out.

If your angle is slightly off, Epona will hit the ledge and stop shortly, then move back a few steps. If she does that, wait out her movement, back off 9 steps (counting like before) and try again. With this backup you should be able to clip.
Note though that you are way too fast with this backup when hitting the ledge and will clip out again, so make sure to backflip immediately after Epona clipped and then jump on her out of bounds.

Castle Town

Dash Cancel through Castle town

During Lanayru Twilight and Midna's desperate hour it is faster to dash cancel through Castle town instead of waiting for dashing to come off cooldown cause Wolf Link moves very slow.

Midna's Desperate Hour

Bottom of the Tower

There is a bulbin archer at the bottom of the tower with ropes before the very first rope, it is required to kill him before you continue up otherwise he will snipe you down later on. To do this spinattack to deflect his first arrow and then when backs away from you hit him into the water which kills him instantly.

Early Wind Cycle

Once on the rooftops it is possible with perfect movement to make a earlier wind cycle that was intended with a diagonal jump from the bridge.

King Bulblin

Bulblin 2 with Bombs

After skipping Goron Mines killing King Bulblin 2 needs a different approach cause the bow is completely skipped. This is done by throwing bombs at the correct timing. It takes 3 bombs to kill him and the timing is different for the third hit.
It should be noted that his hitbox is quite small for bombs to hit and hence hard to time, also his hitbox extends to the side somewhat also. You can just get a feel for the timing of throwing the bombs or buffer the throw with the pause menu.
Here is the unbuffered method with timing of when you pull out bombs and throw them.

Hyrule Fields

Mail-Man Skip Castle Town

There is a mailman trigger on the bridge that enters Castle Town. It is very thin and easy to LJA over. Firstly stand next to the 3rd post from the chain connects to the bridge. Then just aim over the bridge and LJA once it is over the void

Skip 2nd Part of Wagon Escort (LJA)

It is possible after using the boomerang on the first kargarok to dash away from the wagon and leave it behind, as long as you killed the bulbins correctly as they spawned the wagon won't set on fire.
However if you leave the wagon behind there is a midna trigger before kakariko that forces you to go back.
This trigger can be skipped though by using an LJA. Hug the wall on the right until the point shown in the video and aim right next to the wall with the gale. Jump as soon as the boomerang goes into the wall.

If you performed the King Bublin 1 Skip beforehand his trigger will still be on the ground, requiring two LJAs to skip both triggers.
If you fail either LJA Midna will walk you back into the trigger requiring you to do the whole Wagon escort segment again.

Cucoo Minigame Floor Clip

Discovered by Quaforce

Due to removed sword recoil in TPHD it is possible to clip through the wall in the Cucoo Minigame house and fall right into Lake Hylia, setting you up perfectly for Pillar Clip right after wagon escort.

Learning Jump Strike Timesaver

Discovered By SVA16120

It is 3.33s faster to spin attack after doing the Jump Strike. First part of video.

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