Level 8 - Realm of the Heavens

Realm of the Heavens (8-1)

Due to the fact a large number of the tricks and time-savers (or, at least, certain methods of performing them) in this level are only possible on the Japanese [JPN] version of the game due to different screen-transition mechanics, each trick below is paired with a designation (in parentheses) as to what version(s) each works on.

Skip the Roc's Feather

Jumpslash Method (JPN Only)

Discovered by Zmaster91

Unlike on the English version, on the Japanese version it is possible to "jump" from one screen to the next when it is unintended (much like Pegasus Boots skip discussed below), allowing you to skip whole screens. This also allows you to skip the Roc's feather where its needed:

  1. On the second screen get on the left side of the fire barrier and do a jumpslash to access the screen above you. You can then navigate to the lower right portion of the cloud on the following screen and jumpslash down.
  2. On the third screen, you can simply toss the Links from one cloud platform to the next to get across.

Gap Skip Method (All Versions)

Discovered by Yadra121

Instead of abusing the screen transition mechanics, you can also just do a Gap Skip on the second screen. This is slower than the JP method since obtaining the Hammer takes longer, but it is still faster than doing the intended route.

Keyblock Skip (JPN Only)

Discovered by Yadra121

On the screen with the keyblock, you can do a Jump Slash to access the screen to the right, but you would drop down infinitely. However, if you are in C-Right formation (all Links stacked), then transition via JS and press L at the correct moment, you will start a Formation Hover off the void. Then, you can easily get onto the moving cloud and continue.

Note: This trick is very dangerous, since failing it will cause the Links to fall down infinitely, so you have to reset the stage.

Skip the Pegasus Boots (All Versions)

Discovered by Zmaster91

On the screen with all of the color-changing tiles, head to the little patch of cloud just to the right of the flame wall. Now simply do a dash slash towards the top of the screen to skip the flame wall and the Pegasus boots.

Now crossing the long rows of color-changing tiles on the next screen without the boots is pretty simple, but does take a bit of timing. Stand by the next row of tiles that will turn green and roll onto it just as it does. You should then easily be able to make it to the other side before the tiles change color.

Elevator Skip (All Versions)

Discovered by Zmaster91

In the screen before the dodongo fight, it is possible to hit the switch in the bottom right corner of the screen, without using the elevator. To do so:

  1. Start a Wall-less Formation Hover using C-Right from the bottom diagonal of the cloud as soon as the pig statues start shooting flames.
  2. Once you reach the wall surrounding the switch, the Links should "stick*" to it much in the same way as they would during a typical formation hover.
  3. Do a quick spin to hit the switch and press X to fall if you do not do so automatically.

*Note: For some reason the Links will not always stick to the wall, but will sometimes fall upon touching it. The same applies to when using a sword attack--i.e., once you stick to the wall sometimes using your sword at all will cause you to fall.

Dodongo Fight Skip

Formation Hover Method (JPN Only)

Discovered by Zmaster91

Note: This is totally outdated and needs some revision. One the screen with the dodongos, formation hover to the side of the screen, hold up c and jump slash. Doing this correctly, you should have gone to the screen to the right and should be falling. This is where the methods for JP and US start to differ. (As of right now there is no method for US but it has been done).

Now, after the death animation has ended, holding c-down should result a wall formation hover. Then, doing a wall formation hover to the right you can then land and switch to the blue link. Then after the second death, the green link should be pushed onto the cloud. Holding c-left will call all the links and cause you to spawn on the cloud.

Death Push Clip Method

Discovered by Yadra121

By pushing a Link into the flames and letting him die there, he respawns inside the flames, and can casually exit the screen.

There are two setups, both are fairly consistent, the second one is slower, but safer. Detailed explanations can be taken from the descriptions of the linked videos.

Roll Method by Danray2352:

Hop Method by Zmaster91:

Individual Level Route

The Dark Cloud (8-2)

Cloud Skip

Discovered by Yadra121, Setup by Zmaster91

On this screen you can hit all four "eyes" with one horizontal shot. This requires a very precise positioning though. Luckily, there is a consistent setup:

  1. Step on the bigger cloud block and position one Link at bottom of the ladder
  2. Press X until you switched back to the first Link
  3. Face right and charge the bow
  4. Do 4 hops upwards and release the A button

Shorter Spike Maze

Screen-Scrolling Method (JPN Only)

Discovered by Yadra121

For some reason, if you complete those screens without ever activating the switches, the positioning of some spikes gets messed up. Just follow the route shown in the video to make use of the short cut. The missing spikes are around 0:13 of the video.

Formation Hover Method (All Versions)

Discovered by Yadra121, Improved by Zmaster91

Besides the shortcut within the Spike Maze, there also exists another route where you enter the Maze from an unintended screen, which reduces the maze to 2 screens. However, it is a lot more diffcult due to timing a Jump Slash off a Formation Hover

Instead of entering the maze, head up to the screen with the two elevators. Leave to the right, hit the switch to deactive the wind and follow the path until you are close to the right screen border. Position yourself about 2 tiles below the horizontal path, then start a C-Right Formation Hover and execute a Jump Slash to transition to the next screen.

Note: While the Jump Slash timing is not frame perfect, it is still risky since failing it costs a lot of time due to retriggering the switch.

Hammer Skip

Discovered by Zmaster91

Ignore the four player switch that triggers the fight and enter the next screen.

  1. Get to the right edge and face the upper wall
  2. Hold C-Up and Up/Up-Right on the control stick to get onto the wall (Don't hold the C-Stick too long or try tapping it once)
  3. Don't ever stop and keep walking to the right
  4. To make it around the corner, you have to hold up on the control stick at some point. You can try to hold Up-Right when you are close to the edge, but you need to hold up to move upwards eventually.
  5. Walk upwards until you are below the ledge (Don't worry, you cannot drop down by just walking)

Now, to get onto land, there are two options:

If you have enough speed you can press B and then mash R to make Red get onto the ground. Then just mash X to drop down


  1. PRESS c-up and b (hold) at the same time so that you make Red hold his sword out (you can c-left a little so that you don't fall off by pressing c-up if necessary)
  2. Continue holding b and then hold R while going between left and up on the analogue stick. You should see red jumping on the ground in front of you.
  3. To know that red position has been set on the ground you are safe when you see the glow of red's sword hit the top of the second tile.
  4. Press X to fall.

Bow&Lamp Skip

Discovered by Zmaster91

On the screen before the Shadow Mirror, do a Wall-less Gap Skip on the very right side of the screen.

  1. Throw Green with Red
  2. Immediately get into C-Right formation
  3. and roll until you are at about the height of the pots
  4. Then hold up-left and drop down

Shadow Link Fight Skip

Discovered by Yadra121

Skipping both the fight and the cutscene makes this is a huge time saver.

You want to position the Links in C-Up formation on the left side of the screen, close to the edge, then select Blue Link and move to the other side. Get close to the edge, then reunite with C-Right and time a Jump Slash. Keep the buttons pressed and wait, until the Links respawn. If done correctly, they will do so on the other side and you can simply enter the last screen to destroy the barrier.

Note: It is of absolute importance that you do not trigger the battle! This will make you unable to exit the screen and nullifies the skip completely. To be safe, just stay to the left before you enter the screen, and when crossing the screen with Blue, stay close to the edge.

Individual Level Route

The Palace of Winds (8-3)

Electric Barrier Skip

Discovered by danray2352

Use Formation Menu Clipping to clip into the barrier.

  1. On the first screen, enter on the 3rd tile
  2. Walk up until you are below the barrier
  3. Get in C-right fromation, drop the Links above the statue and move Green up to the left corner
  4. Clip into the barrier
  5. Use C-Right to clip Purple through

Trials Skip (JPN Only Method)

Discovered by Yadra121

Using Zombie Clipping to clip behind the iron door. For details, check the video's description. Update someday.

Trials Skip (All Versions)

Discovered by Yadra121

See video description

Reach the Door Faster after Collecting the Pegasus Boots Moon Pearl

Discovered by Zmaster91

Trials Skip makes this obsolete

In the room with all of the blade traps where you must use the level 2 Pegasus boots to reach the moon pearl, it is possible to get Link to spawn right by the door after he falls in the chasm. To do this, while you're using the Pegasus boots hold down-right on the control stick and then allow yourself to fall. This will throw you back to the beginning of the room, allowing you to leave quickly after obtaining the moon pearl.

Note: Although it is faster to leave a link at the entrance (instead of doing this timesaver), it comes at a price; messing up the platforming in the basement areas might cost sometime without any safety links.

Small Key Skip

Discovered by Yadra121

Trials Skip makes this obsolete

This skips the entire section past the Cyclops, ergo the Gohma Fight and the Mirror room. Basically, you want to use a Bomb from the Screen with the four Moon Portals and use it to destroy the destructible wall on the Gohma Screen.

Here is an improved version, by Danray

Gem Barrier Skip

Discovered by Zmaster91

Use Formation Menu Clipping to clip into the barrier.

  1. Drop the Links next to the barrier, to the very right
  2. Move Green to the left side
  3. Clip into the barrier
  4. Use C-Right to clip Purple through

This trick requires a really fast double Y press to prevent the Links from respawning, which makes this quite difficult. An alternate way is to first pause and y at the same time and then time the second y press on the unpause.

Individual Level Route

Last updated 07/08/2015 – Zmaster91