Early Thunderhead

Discovered by Paraxade


By starting a file in BiT as the thunderhead opening cutscene begins to play, you can open the thunderhead on that file before you are supposed to. This trick skips everything between learning Ballad of the Goddess to the Faron Silent Realm, including fighting the Imprisoned and repairing Scrapper.

How To

Triggering the Thunderhead Cutscene

In order for a file to trigger the thunderhead cutscene in BiT, it must have two conditions satisfied:

  • The switch that opens Skyview Temple must be activated
  • You must be saved at a save prompt or in Deep Woods

Once you have such a file, selecting it while in BiT will cause the thunderhead cutscene to play as soon as it can. If another dialog or cutscene is playing, the thunderhead cutscene will not play until that one is finished. Things that can delay the thunderhead cutscene include:

  • The glitched cutscene from falling off BiT Skyloft
  • Bird Statue dialogs

Method 1 - Glitched Cutscene

  • Have your file satisfy all the requirements above.
  • Activate BiT.
  • During the first glitched cutscene, select your file.
  • Start your file when the camera stops panning.
  • You should see the thunderhead opening cutscene begin to play as the screen fades to black.

As soon as you select your file, the thunderhead cutscene is queued, and as soon as the first glitched cutscene is done, it will play. So by loading your file right before the thunderhead cutscene starts, you'll trigger the Early Thunderhead glitch. The window for this trick is about 1 second, as that's how long it takes the screen to completely fade to black after you start your file.

With this method, you will be loaded back where you saved, either in the Deep Woods or at the save prompt you used.

Method 2 - Combined with BiTSave

  • Have your file satisfy all of the requirements above.
  • Activate BiT.
  • Do NOT select your file until you reach a bird statue.
  • Run to the bird statue you want to teleport to.
  • Select the statue and your file simultaneously.
  • Save your file, but do NOT Start immediately.
  • About 1-2 seconds after the screen says "Saved", Start your file.
  • You should see the thunderhead opening cutscene begin to play as the screen fades to black.

This method queues the thunderhead cutscene behind the saving dialog instead, and allows you to teleport back to Skyloft by doing a BiTSave at the same time. That makes this method faster for speedruns; it is usually activated from the save prompt after finishing Skyview Temple.

If your timing is off while doing this method, the BiTSave will still happen, making the trick difficult to reset. You can try again by saving at a statue in Deep Woods, or waiting for a later save prompt.

Last updated 05/12/2016 – indykenobi