Eldin Volcano

First Visit: Earth Temple

Skip to Digging Mitts Cave

Discovered by Abahbob

Save at the Volcano Entry statue, then activate BiT (using the Red Chu is the easiest way). Perform a BiTWarp using the Bazaar Statue; the positioning is important here. The Bazaar Statue should be centered in front of Link, and you should be about two steps away. Done correctly, you'll use a Goddess Cube to clip through the floor OoB, and fall into the Mogma Turf loading zone.

This skips the area leading up to the Digging Mitts cave in Eldin. This trick is not used in 100% because you must drain the lava anyway to get a Goddess Cube.

Bomb Throw to Drain Lava Early

Discovered by Paraxade

It is possible to use the bomb flowers near the first Pyrup to drain the lava surrounding the Mogma Turf early. First throw a bomb flower up on the ledge near the two skulls, then pick it up and throw the bomb over the wall to destroy the plug. You can then immediately enter the Mogma Turf.

The angle and positioning on the second throw is precise; you need to be about three steps away from the wall on the right, and the angle should be as close to the wall as possible.

This trick can be used in 100%, but is only just faster than going around the long way. In any% it is obsoleted by the above BiTWarp.

Second Visit: Fire Sanctuary

Skip the Scrapper Escort

Discovered by Paraxade, BiTWarp by Kazooie

Once you have arrived at the Volcano Entry with Scrapper, go over to the bird statue and return to the sky. Land back down Outside of the Fire Sanctuary and activate BiT. Perform a BiTWarp using the Upper Academy Statue; the positioning is important here. One position that works is next to the statue on the right side; the left side also works.

Link should land on a ledge at the edge of the Sanctuary's roof. Carefully move forward, draw your clawshot and aim for the vines near the Lizalfos, then dodge or kill the Lizalfos and clawshot across to the ledge with the Goddess Cube. You can now run back to the Volcano Summit, where Scrapper will appear. Head back to the Fire Sanctuary entrance to lower the firewall.

The reason the BiTWarp is required is that there is a Fi trigger encircling the bird statue that does not allow you to normally leave that area.

Third Visit: Bokoblin Base

Early Lava Platform Cycle

If the first part of Bokoblin Base goes nearly perfectly, it is possible to reach the moving lava platforms between the Clawshot and the Whip area one cycle earlier than usual. The window for this is quite small; one minor mistake or delay in the first segment and you will miss this early cycle. There are several small timesavers in the first segment to aid you:

Skip first Bokoblin Guard

It is possible to use a sidehop to skip the first Bokoblin guard. After talking to Plats, climb the ledge and run to the fence corner at the very edge of the lava. Turn to face the fence and sidehop. If you have the right angle, you'll land next to the fiery ash on the lower level and can run to the next digging spot.

Skip a bomb underground

In the first underground segment, it is possible to hit the first bomb downward, then crawl past it, turn around, and hit it back upwards. This saves having to wait for that bomb to respawn again.

Sprinting Past Bokoblins

When Bokoblin Guards are stationary, it is possible to sprint past them without being caught. This is particularly useful on the two Bokoblin guards after the Gust Bellows; they can be run past, avoiding having to wait or use the Gust Bellows.

Whip Area Timesavers

Discovered by Venick

There are two small timesavers in the area around the Whip in Bokoblin Base.

Cutscene Skip

It is possible to skip the cutscene that pans around the Whip area when you first enter it. By climbing the ledge with the fence on top of it and using the correct angle, you can sidehop over the trigger for the cutscene.

Peahat Skip

After obtaining the Whip, you can skip using the peahat to get over the gate near the Volcano Ascent statue by jumping off the right-hand side of the bridge at the right angle. Done correctly, Link will land on a small ledge, then jump again and grab the ledge on the other side of the gate.

Skip the Slingshot

Discovered by ZFG

It is possible to skip re-obtaining the slingshot during Bokoblin Base. In order to get the Bombs without the slingshot, first use the Gust Bellows to pass the first two Bokoblins and reach the searchlight. Climb onto the ledge with the fence and sidehop to get to the other side of the light. Then sprint into the light and immediately dig into the ground. If done correctly you'll end up underground and can continue to the bombs.

This trick is extremely difficult, as there is no known setup for the very precise sidehop, and the timing to get into the burrow spot is also very precise. At the moment it is generally considered to be a segmented-only trick.

Unused Strategies

Skip half the Scrapper Escort

Once you have arrived at the Volcano Entry with Scrapper, go over to the bird statue and return to the sky. Land at the Temple Entrance statue and die. Scrapper will warp up to meet you, and you can continue the escort quest from there.

This trick is only used in BiTless speedruns, as the BiT version is faster.

Using Gust Bellows on Bokoblins

Once you obtain the Gust Bellows in Bokoblin Base, you can use it to distract Bokoblin guards. Z-target the Bokoblin and blow the Gust Bellows in its face, then circle around it and back away. When you're far enough from the Bokoblin you can continue on normally.

This is not used in runs because any guard you need to avoid, you can just sprint past, which is both faster and safer than this method.

Skip Blowing up Rocks

Discovered by everalert

After retrieving your adventure pouch in Bokoblin Base, head over to the right and climb up the walls until you get to the boulders blocking the sand slope. Sprint towards the wall on the left to climb it and jump back down near the bird statue.

This is not used in runs because a deathwarp after the adventure pouch is faster.

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