Discovered By Weegeechan


QE-Canceling is a technique that uses Quick Equip to cancel the end animation an item has after using it. You'll be able to move quicker after using an item if QE-Canceled. This can also be done by opening the Items Menu and manually switching items but this is much slower.

How To

  1. Use item of choice (out of viable items).
  2. Wait until the item has been used (arrow shot, hammer smashed, etc.).
  3. Press the Quick Equip button right after the item has done its attack.

The items end lag will be canceled and Link will be able to move instantly after use. Some items already have a short end animation making QE-Canceling pointless for them, but others like the Hammer and Fire Rod become quick to use.

QE-Cancelable Items

Not all items can actually be canceled but this is a list of all the ones that can be:

  • Bombs
  • Bow
  • Fire Rod
  • Hammer
  • Ice Rod
  • Sand Rod


  • The Hammer can be canceled on a few frames before it smashes down. If done correctly, this makes it use no stamina and have no visual smashing effect but will still have attacked.
  • All Nice versions of these items can be QE-Canceled.
  • Fire Rod Boosting and Ice Rod Clipping are the result of QE-Canceling and is necessary for them to work.
Last updated 09/12/2016 – Weegeechan