Infinite Bombs, Arrows, & Bomb Arrows

Discovered by NephTheFish, Clawshot Clip Discovered by SexyZora19


This trick allows you to make the capacity of your quiver and bombs infinite by utilizing the Mini-Games in Lake Hylia and Zora's River. This can be especially fun and useful in completing the Cave of Ordeals.

How To

Warp to Lake Hylia, and howl at the hawk grass in order to play Plumm's Mini-Game. As soon as the game begins, crash the Kargaroc into one of the walls so that you fall off. When you reappear at the dock on Lake Hylia, Plumm will ask you if you want to play again. Select "No", transform into a human, and jump into the Lake and swim over to the GCN right wall. Once you get near the bank, pull out the clawshot, hold Target, and swim towards the wall to clip right through it. Continue swimming further out until you reach the end of the water and fall out of bounds.

When you respawn, you will notice that Plumm reappears and will ask you if you want to play his Mini-Game again. Select "Yes" this time and crash the Kargaroc into the wall again. This time when you resume playing, you will appear in an OoB region in Iza's Mini-Game. Transform into a wolf and jump into the water in front of you.

You will now appear in the canoe as a wolf and ride down the waterfall back into Lake Hylia. Iza's Zora assistant will ask you if you want to try again, say yes, and you will arrive back in Iza's House as if the Mini-Game has restarted, but you will not be in the canoe. You can now warp anywhere and your bomb and arrow counts will be infinite.

Useful Trick for Individual Level Runs

Discovered by Razor7581

After preforming Infinite Bombs & Arrows, preform the BiT glitch. When you resume playing on the Eldin Bridge, jump off the bridge twice to die and when the "Game Over" Menu appears select "Retry". When you resume the game you will be in the King Bulblin fight with a full bomb bag and 30 arrows in your inventory. You can choose which type of bomb to bring back by placing the same type of bomb in all 3 bags. If you save and quit, you will be warped back to the Faron Springs with the bombs and arrows still in your inventory.

Notes: You will have to have had all three bomb bags in your inventory in order for bombs to get transferred over to the new BiT game file. However, it is unknown which of the three bomb bags the game checks, as it seems to be a completely random selection. For this reason, if you want to transfer over a certain type of bombs (say water bombs), it is best to fill all three bomb bags with that type to insure it transfers over. For additional findings involving the bow, click here.

Since you now have the bombs and arrows, as well as bomb arrows, "Early" it is also possible, with clever utilization of tricks, to get the clawshot before completing the Forest Temple. This will allow you to skip all of the monkeys on both the GCN and Wii Versions. This will also allow for having the Bow ahead of time in a Goron Mines IL, whose uses are still being investigated.

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