Movement Speeds

Information collected by RachelB

There are many types of movement in Twilight Princess and of course they all have different speed values. Some movement types have a short acceleration delay, so most of the listed values are the maximum speed attainable. These values were found by looking through the memory addresses for each type of movement.

Movement Speeds (Ordered By Name)
Movement TypeMovement ValueNotes
Crawling5Changes every frame -- this is an average
Epona35/42Changes depending on area
Epona: Sprinting50/73Changes depending on area
Iron Boots3.68---
Iron Boots: Roll10---
Walking Forward23---
Walking Forward (L Target)16.1---
Walking Sideways13---
Wolf: B Attack30---
Wolf: Backflip30---
Wolf: Backwalk12---
Wolf: Jump Attack26---
Wolf: Sidehop33---
Wolf: Sprinting33/45Changes depending on area
Wolf: Walking Forward25---
Wolf: Walking Forward (L Target)22---
Wolf: Walking Sideways22---
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