No Wrong Warp

GIM-less Route


  • Intro
  • 10 Rupees
  • Buy Deku Stick
  • Lost Woods Forest Escape
  • Get the Red Rupee in Zora's River
  • WESS to Kakariko Village
  • Cucco Bottle
  • Get 40 Rupees from Castle Drawbridge Chains
  • Buy Hylian Shield from Bazaar using a shop clip
  • Door of Time Skip


  • Savewarp
  • Get Bugs and Pocket Egg in Kakariko Village
  • Savewarp
  • Enter Ganon's Castle Area (not the dungeon)
  • Head to Hyrule Field
  • Perform the Quickdraw Bottle Duplication trick over Master Sword
  • Wait outside Kakariko until day
  • Wake Talon
  • Trade for Cojiro
  • Drop Bottle B Bugs with bombs on C right
  • Catch bugs with Cojiro on C Right
  • Get 15 bombs and 20 Rupees from DampĂ©'s Grave/grass B(15)
  • Exit Kak
  • HESS to LW B(14)
  • Pressure Jump B(13)
  • Get Odd Mushroom
  • Go through Goron City B(12)
  • Go to Kak through DMT
  • Buy Arrows from Bazaar
  • Angled jump on roof
  • Trade for Odd Potion
  • Exit Kak
  • HESS to LW B(11)
  • Pressure Jump B(10)
  • Obtain Poacher's Saw
  • Go to DMT
  • Fairy Fountain B(8)
  • Drop bugs and recatch with Saw on C Right
  • OI to play ZL B(7)
  • OI to go to Lake Hylia B(6)
  • HESS out of LH B(5)
  • SS to GV B(4)
  • Megaflip across Bridge B(3)
  • Trade for Broken Sword
  • Drop bugs and recatch with Broken Sword on C Right
  • Savewarp
  • LACS
  • Go to Ganon's Castle
  • Trials Skip B(0)
  • Ganondorf
  • Collapse
  • Walk into Ganon CS
  • Pause and equip MS
  • Beat Ganon

Notes: You can also obtain the Hylian Shield in the Graveyard if you do not want to do the Bazaar Clip without a Sword, but buying it is faster by about 6 seconds. You will not need the 40 rupees from the chains if you get it in the Graveyard.

Last updated 11/21/2016 – Exodus