Ground Jump

Ground Jumps allow you to perform a vertical jump to gain extra height. This is particularly useful for getting to those just out of reach ledges. Storing a ground jump also allows you to skip Navi & the Owl's text triggers.


There are a few ways to store a ground jump:

  1. Hold Z, drop a bomb and move backwards a step or two. Stay within grab range.
  2. Take out your sword or deku stick
  3. Hold R and then press A
  4. Wait until the bomb explodes


  1. Drop a bomb and stand far enough back that the Grab icon goes away
  2. Roll into the bomb while holding Z and R and press A rapidly until your roll stops.
  3. Wait for bomb to explode.


  1. Roll into an object that can be picked up such as a rock or bush while holding Z and R
  2. Let an enemy hit your shield and push you back (make sure it doesn't damage you)

Afterwards you can release Z and R and if the glitch worked, you should not be able to pull out your sword or any C-items.

Backflipping or Sidehopping will activate the glitch and cause you to jump straight up.

Last updated 01/13/2014 – mzxrules